July 15th, 2006

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Hey everyone.  I have a question on how I could achieve this pictures coloring effect:  (Picture of the singer Cassie)

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I use Paint Shop Pro 9, if it makes a difference.
And if my question isn't to specific and/or not possible because of some reason, how could I achieve the color of the sky in the background?
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Black and white manga

I enjoyed making my last tutorial, so I decided I wanted to try it again. This time, I'll be dressing up a pretty bland black and white manga image (and yes, I am aware of the fact that my icon is only 98x98 XD). I hope someone finds it useful! :D

>>>>> using Photoshop 7.0.

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Eggs :D

Opening a movie file for animation gif

I have this episode saved as an .avi, but when I try to open it in Animation Shop 3, I get a message: "Cannot read video data. No suitable video decompressor is available". Am I suppose to download a certain codec? I'm not sure.. I only want a small portion of the show and turn it into an animated gif.

Also, when I try ImageReady, I get a white screen for the preview. Quicktime doesn't seem to work for me either..

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Animated Tears in Image Ready

I've peeked through the Image Ready section in the memories and I couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial for creating animated tears using both Photoshop and Image Ready? I was hoping to have the subject of an icon I'm working on crying. Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.

me again

Hello, it's me again, i found a tutorial:

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made by makeus_itx
so i was wondering if any knows how can i "smoth" the skin?? or where is the smoth tool. It doesn't say what program was used.

and somethings else... does anyone know where i can find some mini videos for making icons with them???


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Does anybody know how to achieve the beautiful vibrant coloring effects in these icons? It looks like she might've added overlay/soft and blurred the skin a bit as well but i'm not sure. Thanks in advance for any help~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Made By: legna_asehed
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mac n chloe

The age old question.

How can I achieve the coloring in these icons?

I can bring out color to an extent *points to icon* but most of the time if the photo isn't great quality I just can't seem to get the coloring I want. Help is very much appreciated, I would ask the icon maker of the above icons but she gets so many pages of comments I doubt she has time to read through them.
kaz - glamorous beast

Simple transparency using PSP 6.0

I realize this is a pretty simply tutorial, but I figured it might be useful for beginners or someone who is unfamiliar with this technique. (: I checked the memories and didn't see anything similiar, so I hope I'm not repeating something someone has already posted. ^^;

>>>>> using Paint Shop Pro 6.0.

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Unrelated question! In Photoshop 7.0, when you use the open feature to open a file, there's a little button in the upper right corner of the window that allows you to save the current folder to your favourites. I like to utilize it when I'm making icons, but every time I close the program and open it again, the favourites are blank, and I have to re-add the folders I want. Is there any way to make these favourites stick, even after closing the program? Thanks in advance! :D
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Transparent Images?

I've been having trouble making transparent images in PS. I only have PS 5.5 (pitifully) and so whenever I use "Export Transparent Image" it turns out ugly and pixelly like this:

Can anyone help me get transparent images without losing quality?