July 16th, 2006


tutorial V.1 Coloring

So, I've decided to make a tutorial. A simple coloring one-- Nothing extravagant.

we will be going from  to

Side notes:
-I use Paintshop Pro 7.
-This tutorial uses curves.
-In curves, 0=black 255=white; just
incase you didn't know that/aren't used to
-I suggest you try using your own numbers for the curves/opacity/etc,
just so you get the basic concept.


"fixing" screencaps

I seem to remember seeing fairly recently a tutorial in which the writer explained how to fix very dark caps. I've browsed through the memories for photoshop/cs2 (which is what I'm using), and I went back several pages of "recent" entries but I drew a blank. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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Question about making transparent backgrounds....

I thought to get an icon like this , all you had to do was save it as a gif or something. I'm dumb. Could someone explain to me how to do it? I use paint shop pro 8. thanks :)

Color Technique Icon Tutorial

The Almighty Rules- tutorials
--- Do not redistribute this tutorial anywhere.
--- Do not copy word to word, change something, the text, the picture, a specific step.
--- Credit would be appreciated, but never necessary in this case.
--- Have fun with it.

My most recent tutorial, created on the 24th of June. Compatable with any program, PSP, PS, PhotoPlus, and GIMP, no Paint though.

Here's what is inside:

Here's a link to my livejournal:
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Header/blending tutorial #2.

As kinda-requested by x___kisetsu, I made another blending/header tutorial. I know it's not an icon tutorial, but I wasn't butchered for having it up, so.... I got some pretty good comments from my last tutorial, so I decided to do a new one :). You should have some useful knowledge with graphics for this one, since it's a bit more complex than my last one :). I'm using PS7 for this tutorial, but you can translate it to whatever program you use (hopefully, since I have no idea what I'm doing on Paintshop Pro xD).

Warning: Rather image-heavy :).

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PSP Icon Transparency

Alright, this is my first tutorial.  I originally wrote it for a friend on a forum and though I'd share it.

I looked through the memories here for a tutorial to help me make transparent icons and I couldn't find one with suitable pictures that would help me.  This is where this tutorial came into being, orignially based on another with picture links no longer there.

First thing, I'm using PSP9 to do this.  I do know it should be translatable to other versions of PSP but I'm not sure about PS.

So, we'll start small.  Specifically, we'll be making this:

Note: Icon base is not mine and the template has been modified.  If you know whose base it is, please tell me and I'll credit.


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How would I achieve the following icons??

I love the work done by calvincakes@enginedriven she always has such wonderfully colourful icons, I think she works with curves although its hard to say but the colouring is astounding. Does anyone have any idea how she would such beautiful picture quality in B & W whilst getting that grainy look?? Also does anyone else find Supernatural caps a nightmare to work with?? Its mainly because of the darkness of the show but I find it so hard to make any sort of nice icon of the show.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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First Icon Tutorial: Colouring & Darkening !

Hey guys! This is my first icon tutorial on here, so I hope I help! I have given a very detailed icon tutorial, so there is absolutely no confusion! Also, this was made in Adobe Photoshop CS, but of course, is easily transferrable to ANY graphic program (at least I think so, because its only layers, no curves...and I tried it in PSP for you guys, too!) Here it is;

From THIS to
Comments are very much L.O.V.E.D and appreciated. I'd be glad if you showed me some of your results too!
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All right, I'm stumped.

I use Photoshop CS2, and in the past few days, I've been having problems with my text. It's not the resolution or the font size -- I've checked both of those.

It's the cursor.

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Edit -- ctsquirrel is made of win. Fixed!
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