July 18th, 2006

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My friend is having this problem with her Photoshop CS2 where it just randomly gives her an error message that says "Photoshop.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.  You will need to restart the program" and then her PS crashes.  She has already tried restarting ps but it still does that.  Even when she tries to save an error message comes up and then it crashes.  Or when trying to use blending options like on text PS crashes too.  Whats the deal?? Help please.
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i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some tutorials that show how to make images black and white while retaining the sharpness and quality. here's and example of what I am looking for but I guess It really doesnt matter.

My method for turning pictures black and white really isn't that great and I have been wondering for along time a proper way to do it. Any help is appreciated.
idk who made this sry


Go from THIS to THIS in any program! oh i said exclusion in this tut but in gimp u use subtract and screen to make exclusion... that's what i heard at least, so i just said exclusion.

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Font Problem PSP9

I just got a new computer and when I went to make shiny new icons on it, I discovered neither of my two main pixel fonts (pixelsix00 and 04b_24) display correctly. I have a new flat panel as well and I'm hoping it's not just me (wouldn't be the first time today...).

I swear I have anti-alias off (as you can see in the below linked image) but...gah! Ugly!

Please, someone help, I've searched the memories and tried everything for every problem even slightly simular and nothing is working. I'm about ready to cry or tear my hair out (I'm addicted to graphic making).

Picture of Problem:
(the font name is on top with sample text directly under it)


Again, using PSP9 and a flat panel (which would explain the error if it doesn't show up for you guys).

Edit: I figured it out. Apparently, I didn't choose the most common awnser of "If in doubt, reboot". Fonts work fine now. *bangs head*

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I have searched through the memories quite a few times trying to find a tutorial I saw on here once, or atleast I believe it was on here @_@, about how to make pop art styled icons. There are a few listed in the memories that say pop art but none, atleast if I didn't accidently skip over any, are the one in particular I was looking for. If my memory serves me right I think there were tips on how to make 4 diffrent icons, one of which had an image and then a thick white outline around the image in the corner. Wish I had saved the icon so it would be easier to explain what I mean but if anyone has any clues as to the whereabouts of this tutorial please help. <3 Thank you.
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