July 20th, 2006

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Starburst effect in PSP7

Okay, I have a question. Does anyone know how to do that starburst effect in PSP7? I found one for Photoshop, but I don't have PS on this computer so I need to know how to do it with PSP7. Help?

Here's what I'm talking about:

Made by awmp
jared +red hair

tutorial #1

im gonna show you how to go from this to and then

made in Photoshop CS2 but is transferable hopefully

if any of this is hard to understand then tell me and i shall try and make it easier :]

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So i hope that was okay and i would love to see what you guys come up with!
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(no subject)

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question...but I'm quite new to all of this. I recently got Paint Shop Pro X, and whenever I try to type tiny text, it always turns out all boldy and clumpy, and I can't seem to do anything about it. Any ideas?

PSP Troubleshooting Rotating Pics

Hi! I am just starting out with the psp program on making icons and I am having a few problems. I checked the memories and I couldnt really find anything about this. First, when I try to rotate pictures for icons, they come out all fuzzy. Using smart size on psp is grainy/fuzzy as well.


I always recieve script error messages when trying to use the pen tool and the whole program will shut down. I am currently using paintshop pro 8. Any help this would be greatly appreciated!

(no subject)

I know this isn't technically an icon related question but i was hoping someone would be able to help anyways...i was just wondering if there are any banner tutorial communitys out there!! I've tried searching to no avail!!!

If anyone can help, or point me in the righ direction i'd really appreciate it!

Thanx in advance! :)
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(no subject)

Two tutorials. Enjoy!

This one is really easy, just a tutorial on making your images brighter and more colorful.


I'll be using Photoshop 5.5, but this can easily be translated to other programs

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How to make this icon:


EDIT: This tutorial works well on icons that are originally dark and have lots of blue tones in it

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Icon Tutorial (PS)

Icon tutorial focusing mostly on the coloring/effects.
AKA: creating a rocker icon without having a rocker picture in the first place.


Using Adobe Photoshop CS - should work with other PS versions and other programs as well.
No curves, no 100000000 layers of color burn and multiply and God knows what else.

Follow this link.

I Just Need A Little Help, Friends

I don't know if this is allowed and it's prolly a dumb question but...

I'm having trouble installing things into PSP7. Gradients must be saved as .jgd and brushes as .jbr. But there are no options to save in those file types on my program. So what do I do?

And how do I "define" a brush or gradient?

Thanks so very very much in advance!
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Tutorial Lists

Ok so i used to have a tonne bookmarked, but i lost all of my bookmarks and now i can't remember where the tutorial lists were. A few of them were mostly lists of headers. I would be so grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of some of the lists. Thanks :D
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Photoshop Question - Tools

I have seen in some tutorials people referring to things like the Sharpen Tool and the Blur Tool. Where exactly are these tools located? Should it be on one of the menus or does it need to be loaded?

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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Question about Eyedropper tool...

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2. The problem that I'm having is that when I go to use the eyedropper tool, instead of it changing the foreground color automatically, in changes the background color. I'm not sure what it is I did exactly to make it this way, but can anyone tell me how I can set it back to the default setting? You know, so when I use the eyedropper tool, the foreground color will be changed and not the background?