July 21st, 2006

Amy Winehouse

A few tutroail questions

I was wondering if anyone knew or had a link to any tutorials that talk about making/creating icon masks, icon patterns or textures (not light textures though) if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I dont really want to go into this blind sited :)

For exaplin how would I make something like  dearest

textures (heres an example: here) or how to make mask, grunge brushes. I know how to make lyrics and things but what I really would like to know is patterns, textures and masks because I have no clue how to make those :]
Puck[Were The World Mine]

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Ok so I lurk here and use all the wonderful tuts. But I am going to take a stab at a tut. I have written a few just for myself. But I am not at my computer so I will just do this one. Alright so yesterday I made this backround


So I am going to show you how to do it. This is really easy. So anyone can do this. I will be working in pspX but its probably translatable. =)
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Maxwell Demon


Firstly, I use PSPX.

Now, when I resize images, they tend to get a bit pixelly. Not so much that you can't tell what you're seeing, but enough that I don't like it, and I know they can be clearer. I try blurring the images a bit before resizing, but that doesn't always work. I specifically have this problem with animation caps (Disney). When I resize, it's definitely no good, the lines are pixelly, and if I blur pre-resize, you can't see the lines at all.

So, any tips on how to resize and keep the image clear?

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I'm trying to make an animated icon similar to THIS one (made by amortentia_gal) using screencaptures and ImageReady. It's probably really simple and/or has been posted before, but if you would let me know how to do it or where to find the tuturial, I'd really appreciate it. :)

Could someone help me?

Hi,I need very cute and cool brushes in imagepack,like these icons brushes

http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c185/luckynia/lj/Tutorials/jlhfinal.jpg http://i2.tinypic.com/s6rh36.jpg http://i2.tinypic.com/s6tb1j.gif http://i2.tinypic.com/s6n6nl.png http://i2.tinypic.com/s63cs6.png or something like that... if you know please tell me :) thanks

P.S. if you know were I can download like that brushes for PSP when tell me please,im using psp.
leto sandwich

(no subject)

alrighty, I've looked through the memories twice like a good girl and still cant find what I'm looking for...though it is within the realm of possibility that I'm completely blind so be patient with me :P

For the longest time now I've wanted to make those little 100 x 100 patterns

ETA: I did some searching on a couple PS tute sites (dont knwo why I didnt think to before) and found this which I find to be a decent one if anyone else is interested
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Okay I just have a little question...
I got Photosop CS2 about 2, 3ish weeks ago and I know that
Adobe requires you to activate your product within 30 days of installing it.
So Im not quite sure if I've activated it or not :\ 
I did come to a point where it asked you for a specific serial number 
I think that that may actually be avtivating it but I want to be sure cause
it would really suck if I would not be able to work with PS CS2 after just 30 days.
I appreciate your help so much :D
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Clumpy text

Alright, this is what I meant about my small, clumpy text.


My small text on the top and bottom is all nasty looking. Whenever I see other people's icons with tiny text, it's very small and cute, and doesn't look at all horridly clumpy such as mine. I have tried the tracking and kerning that some have helpfully suggested to me, but it doesn't seem to help me much. I know I'm probably doing something ridiculously stupid, and I'm sorry to be a bother. But this is driving me crazy!

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Help

Ok I hate to be a bother, I have checked the memories but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for so I didn’t find anything. I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and it has started doing something annoying when I try to resize a picture. It resizes okay but it leaves a small, faded border around the edges and I can’t figure out how to stop it doing that. At the moment I’m resizing them slightly bigger than what I want then cropping the border off but it is beginning to annoy me.

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screen caps

Hey ya'll! I was just wondering how I could do a screen cap on my computer. I have loads of movies...but I don't know how to get the images. I've used the print screen button but it doesn't work when I copy it into PSP8. I hope this is the right place to ask.
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(no subject)

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to achieve the colouring affect in this icon. I use PSP8.

(sorry, I'm not sure where I got this icon but if anyone recognises them, let me know.)
Thanks xx


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