July 25th, 2006

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I've gone through as many animation tutorials I can stand, but I think the link I followed and found was simply in an entry here. I dont know, I'm sorry, its 12am so I'm just seeing if anybody knows off the top of their head.

There was an animation tutorial somewhere that explained how to link layers and crop everything and move everything at the same time. You know, so you can put it in a brush-made box as one as opposed to moving every single frame to the correct space.

Does anybody know how to do that, or have the tutorial I might be thinking about? Because I'd be extremely grateful to them.
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Hi there! I know this is an odd question but I'd appreciate any kind of help with these kind of icon-making:

I love the coloring skills but actually my question is: How can I get this sharpening and brightness?
I mean I can play with layers, colors.. etc but Im not able to sharpen and make them bright like these.
Also I will LOVE to know how to achieve the coloring of th last one (Veronica Mars) 

THANKS lots in advance! Any help would be awesome!
Credit: Icons by hollowskies

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I used the free trial for adobe photoshop cs2 w/imageready to make my animated icons. like my user pic. the trial is up and its way to expensive for me to buy. i would like to know of a good program that lets me animate icons. i'm using photoshop pro X right now. basically if you don't have image ready how do you make animated icons? thanks so much!!!!
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So, I want desperately to make animated icons from films/tv shows like these:

by lidi
by afrostyhaze

The problem is, I have noooooo idea how. Don't know how to make a clip, don't know about the borders, although I know how to animate in image ready. I went through the mems and could only find tuts after the media has been extracted and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of how to do EVERYTHING, from extracting the clip to making the icon.

But I think instead of going to text, I just want it to fade out, then loop back in.

It would be much appreciated, thanks!!

(It would be from a DVD of Gilmore Girls...if that's necessary information.)
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too big animation

Okay, so I capped and animated and spent an unhealthy amount of time making this stupid icon and now I can't upload it because the file is too big. How do I make the file smaller without taking out any frames?

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Rose Icon Tutorial

Yep, yet another tutorial with a Doctor Who cap :P However this will work with pretty much anything -- assuming you tweak it and adjust it to suit the image you pick.

Go from this to .

Requires some knowledge of selective coloring, curves, and layer masks (though it is possible without the selective coloring and curves).

Made in PS7, should be translatable.

(Click for tut)

Simple, subtle coloring - something you don't see too much anymore.