July 28th, 2006


Animated GIF & Transparent

This has been bothering me for some time now.

First of all, I use AS, IR, PS, & PSP.

When I make something animated with the background transparent, more times than not, the transparent part turns white when I save in IR. How do I get it to keep it transparent?

Thanks for help in advance. And, I checked the mems, but I couldn't find anything to help me.


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heyy everyone! I was wondering if anyone can help me with steps of making a person of a photo fit into a base. For example:

Like from this:

to this:

*This icon is from WWE_ICONS

I can't do that because when I resize, the image is like smushed. it's not clear at all. and the last time I posted here was about the background on July 25th. What I meant was:

From this: (black background)

to this:

*Icon is from Tragic_icons

I don't want to use the paint bucket because when I use it sometimes, the color I want to use affects the person in the picture so I just want like the background to be one specific color without using paint bucket.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS POST. Hopefully, I'll learn how to do get it right.

P.S.I am using Photoshop CS2 and the problem with cropping is that when I crop it, it zooms in the picture.
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Not sure if this is allowed...

If I can't post this here, I'll delete, just let me know.

I've been doing some icons, with the help of a lot of these wonderful tutorials... but now I want to start doing wallpapers and headers and things of the like. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some textures larger than 100 x 100.

I was also wondering if anyone could point me to some header / wallpaper tutorials. I really don't know what I'm doing, so a beginner's level would be great.

Again, feel free to delete, but any help would be fantastic.

C. comet.

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Hello everyone! I wrote a header tutorial for my friend damnfineemile and i thought i might show you guys! It is really explained coz em is a very first time Photoshop user.

I hope that you find it is useful!

We will be making this

find it HERE at my Journal!

Please oh Please let me know what you think! This is my first one of these and i wanna know if i should do more!

Doctor Who | Love my fat

Animation Tutorial

Learn how to animate this icon using only Photoshop Elements 2.0 (and ImageGrab to screencap)

Dial-up users beware: very image heavy tutorial (because I suck at explaining)

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DD - DareDevil 01

Curled page corners

I use Photoshop CS2 and I was wondering if it is possible to make the corner of a graphic look like the page is curled?

I looked through the memories but couldn't find anything. Perhaps someone has seen a tutorial on this before and knows where to find it. If there is an it to find. :)

Thanks so much.
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outinling in PSP7.

I know theres a tutorial for this in PSP9, but listen, it doesn't work in PSP7. Options aren't the same so yeah.

anyone know how to do the outline for that in PSP7?
i've been looking for it forever, and i'm stuck.
i really like this outlining and i would LOVE to know how to do it.



I've a question, regarding brushes for both Photoshop and Image Ready.. Thanks for your replies, help and time.

01. Do they share the same brush extension .abr?
02. If I remember right, brushes that was made in PS 7 can be opened in Image Ready 7.0?

I guess that's it.

I tried opening a brush set that was made in PS 7.0 in Image Ready 7 and I received a message stating, "Image Ready Does Not Recognize The File" somewhere along that line. What gives? I vaguely remember that IR and PS 7 supports both .abr brushes? Y/N?


Tutorial #2: Using Single Frame Polaroids

After my last resources post, a lot of people asked me how to use polaroids in icons. So, for the benefit of all, I've decided to write a tutorial on just that. =)

Lesson #2: Using Polaroids (Single-Frame)

We'll be making the icon I put up as an example in the last post, going from this to this:

Level: Beginner, but I'm assuming you know your program pretty well. No long-drawn explanations on where certain tools are. If you need help with that, go here.

Note: If anyone needs further clarification on this tutorial, you're more than welcome to ask questions!

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x-posted at icon_extras and icon_tutorial
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Hey all, I was wondering .. is there a feature in photoshop that is similar to the 'expand' feature in paint shop pro? And also, random question here, but does anyone know of any other icon tables out there? I've found two already but I was curious as if to there were more. ^^; Just wondering. But mostly, I'd like my first question helped with first lol. Thanks a bunch.

Chrissy's 1st icon tutorial

Well, this is my first icon tutorial. I hope you guys will like it, some parts may be confusing, just to let you know. Haha, it is a first attempt.

We're going from:

Visit: chree-see.livejournal.com to find the tutorial :D Thank you
P.S Also, please do leave a comment at my livejournal as well. Thank you once again

Here's the direct link -> http://www.stargirl.nu/atmosphere/01icontutorial.txt
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