July 29th, 2006

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Ok, I'm seriously going crazy here.  I've literally tried EVERY animation tutorial in the memories, even ones for systems other than my own, and none of them is helping.  I'm using ImageReady version 8 and I'm trying to get a sparkling effect on an icon:
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Obviously, it's not really finished.  But you see those little white flowers around Simba?  I want those to sparkle one after the other, none sparkling at the same time.  And I can't get it to work!!!  I thought I knew how it should be done, but when I add a sparkle to one flower, it adds it to the first frame, too.  And if I try to add another one in another place, it adds it on all the frames.  I just...don't know what I'm doing wrong.  GRR!!  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or point me to an ImageReady tutorial for this that is REALLY simple...you know, for stupid people...like me?
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Hokay, I need help again. =3 I came across a Tutorial on how to make Colour swatches. And then I lost it. >< I thought I mem'd it but I guess not. I looked through IT's memories and didn't see it in there (unless I missed it somewhere.) Does anyone else happen to know of where I can find a tut for this?

Also, does anyone know if CS gradients will work with PS7?

Random Model Icon #1; Paint Shop Pro 9

I had not made a tutorial when I originally made this icon, so the one I am now showing you how to make may be a tad different from the original, but pretty close.

We are going from to

in a bunch of steps. This tutorial requires basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro functions, though it could probably be translated. Just don't ask me to do it. ;) Try not to follow the tutorial too closely, and use your creativity! Feel free to show me your results by email or other means; make sure to credit if you used this/if it helped you in the least. =)

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help me

Hello! Today I have lost all my ps cs2 brushes. I don't know what happened :(
Has anyone any pack of brushes?
If you have one, please send it to me.
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Curser problems in PSE

Hello there. I'm currently using Photoshop Elements 2.0 and I'm having a slight problem. After a few minutes of using it, sometimes my cursor becomes a circle with a cross in it instead of the brush I'm using or the eraser tool. Does anyone know what causes this or how I can prevent it from happening? It sometimes works again if I re-open PSE or wait several minutes, but it's very annoying, especially when I'm erasing or using a brush, since I can't see what I'm doing.

Thank you very much!
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Help finding a tutorial

I need help finding a tutorial. I can't remember who the girl in the icon was, but I do remember she had brownish hair, and the icon sort of had a bluish tint to it, like the shadow behind the girl. The tut used selective coloring, and the girl in it was sort of leaning against a wall.

If someone could help me out, I would be oh so very happy!

Or if someone has that master list of tutorials, maybe I could look around on on there.
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Could somebody post up a tutorial, or please explain what a set of directions like

New raster layer. Fill with #ffdda7 and set to multiply 26%. means? I've been working with photoshop for a little while (still a beginnger) and I never really got what that meant..

Thanks in advance for any help,,


I figured it out. Thanks for your help guys =]
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PSP9 Help

[EDIT] Solved. Thanks to fileg_

Okay the little tool bar that lets me choose if I want to erase something or choose paint brush or crop something has suddenly disappeared and I don't know how to make it re-appear. Help?
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i have a question. I´m sorry if this isn´t the appropriate place for my question but i don´t know anyone else to ask.
My problem is the header in my Journal. I saved it as .png file with a transparent background. When i see it in the Firefox Browser everything is allright and the background is tranparent. But when i see it in the Internet Explorer the background is kinda blueishn and i don´t know why...any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Animated icons on Image Ready

Hey everyone!
I've been trying to make an animated icon (like the one I'm using, on the left) using Image Ready... but I'm completely lost!

Does anyone know of any basic beginers' tutorial on how to make them?!

Thanks! =D
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