July 30th, 2006

Looking for a header.

I've been right through my history & can't find a header tutorial I saw the other day.

All I know is that it's got Greg Saunders off CSI on it and it's made up of a load of dearest textures.

I'm not much help, I know.

The maker also had another tutorial - which I think had CSI cast in - but I'm not 100%

Any help is appreciated & hopefully someone knows what the heck I'm on about.
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Tutorial for Box Effect?

 'Ello. I don't know if anyone could help me finding a tutorial or giving me some pointers on how to make icons with the "box" effect. I've tried looking in the archives, but I'm not quite sure if this is a brush thing or a texture thing. Here are two examples of what I'm talking about:

icon made by lvlwing
icon made by hidemythunder

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

EDIT: 7/30 10:04 EST. Sorry I forgot to mention the program. I'm using Photoshop CS.

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(no subject)

heii can anybody teach me how to blend images?? i use adobe photoshop elements 2.0 and i would really love if someone tell mee. you know? step by step. hihi pleasee! i dont get how to use the eraser with a fuzzy brush. all i get is erasing the pixels from the picture, or adding colors to the picture with the brush. thanks in advanced. and sorry for taking all you time!


Another tutorial from Chrissy

Hello everyone :D I made another tutorial! I've been making more "complex" style-type icons/icon tutorials. I'll make a few more, then I'll try some colouring stuff ;).

Direct link: http://www.stargirl.nu/atmosphere/02icontutorial.php
Please do leave a comment here or at my lj (chree-see.livejournal.com) so I'll know what I need to improve on.
Thank youu, hope it helps :)
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(no subject)

lol, I have a little problem. I hate the flash on my camera (it washes out my family with our pasty white skin), but more than that I hate blurry photos. So I was taking pictures the other day and couldn't find any tape to put on the flash (I always do this, lmao...it works I swear!) so I figured, hey I'm bored, nothing important is happening, I'll just use a PINK PRICE STICKER. But then of course I got some great shots...which are hot pink.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it? I've been messing with them for a while (PSP7) and can't get better than a dusty peach color...but that doesn't look good either (especially since his eyes, hair and clothes also have a slight dusty peach tinge)

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SOLVED: thanks jadeleopard!!

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Copying layer masks in PS CS

Is there a way to copy a layer mask to a new layer, using PS CS?

I know that duplicating a layer with a mask duplicates the mask, and this is fine and wonderful, but on occasion I have wanted to add a new layer - a texture or what not - and it'd be very handy to be able to copy the mask I've already used.

Is that possible?

Moving over imags.

Does anybody understand how they can push over an image with the use of anohter.. Like in a cartoon way.. almost marquee? Or do I just do it the usual way and just move the image over in a couple frames? I know I dont sound clear.. but do you understand at least a hint of what im saying?

(no subject)

I just got into icon making again. After a three week vacation. And I think my icons look weird. Is it just me or are you think they are weird to.
Can it be the coloring?.

[Misc] writing

(no subject)

First, wanted to say sorry about my last post. I'd forgotten about that rule. Sorry :(

Second, I have a picture that I want to fix. It has major red eye. How can I fix it using photoshop 7? I've looked through the archives and I can't find anything (if there's something I missed, please let me know :D).


...I've been looking for a tutorial I lost for ages now so I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help me!
The tutorial was actually just a screen print of a layer palette - it featured Billie Joe from Greenday, and it was just a basic (yet gorgeous) colouring tut.
I'm sorry for the vagueness :(

Saving a Layer Set?

I found a coloring I like; however, there are many layers involved in achieving it. I was wondering if there would be anyway that I could possibly "save" or just "copy" these layers onto another image. In other words, I don't want to keep having to enter the same commands over and over for a bunch of icons.

I hope this makes sense. I use PS7.
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channel mixer?

I have Photoshop CS and I just discovered a tool called Channel Mixer.

I really don't understand it. It's not like Selective Color or Color Balance. Point: It's confusing. Could someone explain/give tips/show a guide on it?

Thank you in advance!
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Mod Post: Rules Update

Hi, gang.

I would like to remind you of a few old things, and introduce a few new ones.

1.) We are not a suggestions community. If you'd like to know if a graphic is "good," or if it's "finished this way," or anything like that, you're in the wrong place. Sorry. Your post will be deleted.

2.) If you're asking for textures, brushes, or fonts, you are DEFINITELY in the wrong place, and your post will be deleted. Read our FAQ or our userinfo for more information.

3.) I receive a lot of complaints. Some of them are unfounded (please read the rules yourself before you ask me to add something to them), but some of them decidedly are. And there's one I get more than any other, that also happens to irritate the hell out of me as well. You know all those questions that run along the lines of, "There was this Ashlee Simpson tutorial with a heart brush that I loved, where can I find it?" They drive us all nuts after a while. For a long time I've been hovering on the edge with them, as technically they are on-topic, but they fail to meet the criteria of being either a useful question or a useful answer.

Well, I've come up with a solution: tutorial_finder

It works just like brush_location. It's for one thing and one thing only, and I hope it will be a good resource to many of you.

I would also like to remind you all that only tutorials posted in this community go into our memories archive. Because of the surge in "fake cuts" (most of which are simply links, by the way) and the popularity of individual icon journals and communities, there are fewer and fewer actual posts made here, which results in fewer new additions to the memories. I would like to remind you all to cross-post here, not just link.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled learning.

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Repeating moving avatar

Hi, I've been browsing through the memories for hours' now and although I haven't gone all the way back to the beginning I still haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I would like to make a moving avatar that repeats itself without having to put in a break ((like the avatar I am using now)); it's gonna be from a scene from a film that I have on DVD ((and I wouldn't mind it if I could have a caption on it too, like the current avatar; I can easily get screen caps from my DVD player)). I have PSP 9 and Animation Shop 3. Can anybody please help me?
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Disappearing swatches

I use PS CS2 and cause i use so many icon tutorials i save colours as swatches.
But every now and again, loads of the swatches i saved myself arent showing.
And its happened now.
When i open my swatches window, all the original ones show and about 5 of the ons i saved myself, but like my otehr... 40 or so don't show.
Usually i just close Photoshop and reopen it and it works, but that doesnt seem to be working.
Any ideas?
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