July 31st, 2006


Laptop woes

I make my icons on my laptop, but I find this sometimes leads to some problems. Often when I view my icons on a normal computer, I find the colouring is quite different to what I intended. Usually the problem is that it is undercontrasted or too yellow. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any suggestions for overcoming it? Thanks :)


hey, everyone! i have some questions on how to colorize these screencaps so they don't look horrible.

those are the screencaps in question. i tried adding screen layers to brighten them, sharpening, playing with brightness/contrast, color balance, everything...no matter what i do they always look dull and washed out and have an icky orange-ness to them. what would you guys reccommend?

brushes/textures downloading question

I have a pretty silly question, and I'm sorry to bother...but I just cna't figure it out. Whenever people post up those imagepacks and things on deviantart - how do you download them? I always click "download to desktop", and I try to save them in a folder. Well, they always disappear and I have no idea where they go. I've looked everywhere on my computer.

Also...I think I'm downloading fonts the correct way from dafont.com - I've had no problems with any of the fonts except for Scriptina. Whenever I try to download it and use it, it doesn't look like the font. It's either really dotty and speckly or just really really odd looking. Any idea why it's doing this?

Any help would be much appreciated =).

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okay i made an animated icon.

and yes i looked at the memories. didnt see anything that would help. please politely link me to something that would.

so what i made

i've resized it about seven times, lj still won't accept.

what's the general pixel size for something like that? i can't get it below 40k, i think that's the problem.
it's 85x85 now.

thanks in advance.

screen cap

I have a screen cap that really dark
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and I when I make it icon size the face: the face basically gone because its so dark

any different techniques I can use to make the pic normal color and visible
ty so much :)
Daniel Brühl

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Hey, I use Animation Shop 3 and everytime i make an animation when i save it it slows it down
Like so: Collapse )

It is at normal speed before I save it but afterwards if appears to have slowed down slightly, i was wondering if anyone can help me or tell me why

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Hi there.
How would I go about achieving the beautiful colouring (the vibrant lip and shirt colour, that kind of skin tone shade and the background blue)in my icon? (by rainblows)

Many thanks and a plate of cupcakes in advance.


ps: I use PSP9