August 2nd, 2006

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Irecently purchased PSPX and it's working out ok for me. but there's a couple of thing i'm really confused about:

1) how do you enter texts into the icon? i know this sounds really dumb, but i really don't know!

2) how do i use gradient? 

sorry if i'm bothering you with elementary questions....

thank you for reading~
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Hi everyone! i was just wondering if someone could tell me how to achieve the effect in the text in this icon:

i'm dying to know. thanks!
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Animated Icons

When I try to use an animated icon as my user image, I get this mesage -Sorry, you cannot upload a userpic larger than 100x100 pixels if it is in GIF format, but the icon is 100x100 O_O anyone knows whats that all about?
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Clay Aiken tutorial

A tutorial how to make this with TMPGEnc, Virtual Dub, and Adobe Imageready. It's great for people whom are having troubles actually having to be able to use VirtualDub when they have a .wmv file which is not supported. Click on icon for the tutorial.

A few questions about GIMP

I have GIMP...
I'm still getting used to it and I was wondering how to do Exclusion layers with it?

Also, what are masks, channels and paths and how do you use them?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Two questions

1. Masking

Instead of erasing, I always use masks. I like the fact that masks are not permanent like erasing. I like to have the security of going back and adding stuff back in if necessary. Sometimes masks don't work properly for me and I can't figure out why. This is an example of what's happening:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Sorry for the low quality...should have saved it as a higher quality jpg). Anyway, I used a brush at 100% opacity and flow to cover up the portion I didn't want, but there was still a remnant left. See the line and then the lighter color to the right? That's left over and didn't get totally covered up. I have no idea why. So I end up having to go use the eraser which I hate doing. If anyone has an answer to why the masking didn't work properly, I'd appreciate it.

2. Deviant Art

I've started to make icon resources, so I created an account at DeviantArt to host my resources. The last time I went there I got a message saying my account is due to expire soon and gave me some options to pay for and renew my account or to say no thanks. I can't get anywhere on DeviantArt except for this screen.

I never paid anything in the first place. Does one eventually have to pay to have a DeviantArt account or are there permanent free accounts? I really want to be able to share my resources and leave comments for others, but I don't want to pay for an account. I'm not that into DeviantArt.

DeviantArt question solved. Thank you!

Thanks for all the help. :)

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I would be so amazingly appreciative of ANYBODY who can help me with my screen capping problem.

I use:

Windows Media Player
Paint Shop Pro 8

Every time I try to take a screen cap [using the Print Screen button on my keyboard] and paste it into PSP, the entire movie continues to play WITHIN the program. I have tried pausing the film and taking the screen cap, and the image turns into a gigantic mess... I'm unable to control what part of the image I want to crop, and its just really complicated. I've been alllll over the memories, I swear. I've tried just using the "C" button in PowerDVD, using ctrl + Print Screen, and taking a screen cap OF the screen cap. None of these work. I have no idea how to find my camera button in PowerDVD, and I'm not even sure if that would work either. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Well, I have the DELL version of PowerDVD, meaning no camera button for me!
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Hi I have a question and hope that you can help me.

When I want to write something, happened sometimes that I can´t write !!!
And this time is it the same :(
I don´t know what I have done.
I use photoshop CS, have you a idea?
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