August 3rd, 2006

Snow-shoes how cute!!

Icon 'Technique'?

Ok, I've seen tons of icons like this, how do you make them? I've tried to, but I've never got the caps near close enough. Is it just my computer, or is there a 'technique'? I use Imageready for animations. It just appears super choppy when I'm finished.

Icon is chanelshowgirl's.
that boy is a monster

Coloring tutorial! :)

I've been experimenting with loads of new coloring techniques, and from the last batch, people seemed to like the colors on my High School Musical icons, so I thought I'd do a little coloring tutorial on it. Hope it's helpful! :)

In 9 easy steps, go from:


( click here for the tutorial )

If you like my tutorial(s) or any of my icons, feel free to friend inyourpants_ to keep up with my stuff! :) Thanks!
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(no subject)

I have a problem with Animation shop - I'm trying to make an icon that only has 2 frames - but whenever I try to upload it as my icon here, no matter what level I save it at, it's always too large! How large to icons have to be on LJ and is there any way I can fix this without loosing a lot of quality?
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Capping question

I have a question on making caps from video files; I wonder if in PowerDVD or BSplayer is there a way to select the start/end of the capping process so the program caps it for you instead of stopping/saving each frame? I mean as these buttons in VirtualDub:

Collapse )

Thanks in advance :)
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Sorry if this isn't allowed, but this has been bugging me for a while.

"Could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop".

I don't know if it's just that the brushes are bad, or if it really is my Photoshop, because when I downloaded them, the people said it would work for Photoshop 7, which I have. xD;; It seems to be doing that to most of the brushes I have, and it's getting irritating.


It could be just my computer, but when I open up certain brush folders on Photoshop, it closes Photoshop and I can't use it until about.. five to ten minutes later. It doesn't give me any sort of warning, it just crashes. And when I open up the folder outside of Photoshop, it says there's an "error".

Help would be appreciated! x3; ♥
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Banner Blending Question

Okay I use PSP9 and do we have a clone tool. Someone told me that was the way to blend, but they use PSP7. I have been trying to use feather and I can't seem to get the hang of it. I have tried every tutorial on blending and It doesn't come out right. Can someone who makes banners and uses psp9 tell me how to blend correctly? I need help!!!!!! THank you

Text Only Icons


can someone point in the direction of some text only icon tutorials such as by ultimatecover, i don't actually want to do that one, i would just like any text only tutorials you have. I checked them memories and couldn't find any. Sorry if this isn't allowed.

thank you =]