August 4th, 2006

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Brush problems

I have pspx, btw

Ok, here's my problem: I have about 100+ brushes saved as .PspBrush and .PspScript, and for awhile I could just put them in my documents>my PSP files and they would upload them selves. NOW though, they won't.

I tried faking it out that they were .jbr by using custom brush and hoping maybe psp would reconize them or somthing and put them up, but that didn't work.

:/ From there I have no idea what to do. Can anybody help?

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I searched the memories and couldn't find anything to help me with this.

How do you rotate fonts/text without them looking all faded or bad quality? I can't seem to figure it out! Thanks so much.

I use PSP8, btw.

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does anyone know how to make these pictures pretty? I'm using gimp
when I try using tutorials, their wrinkles show too much
so I try blurring them , but then it still doesn't look good, either they look too blurry
or the wrinkles still show too much
and sharpen makes it look even worse afcourse

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Polaroid Brush Tutorial

I know the polaroid effect is a little bit popularized, but I still made a tutorial because I've been receiving comments on how to do it. I used Amy Lee for my icon. And yeah, the tutorial's over at Fallen Rose. Since HTML is half-way demonic on Livejournal.

Final Product:
Tutorial: Here (Opens in a new window.)
Made for: Paint Shop Pro 7 & Animation Shop 3
Translate-able: Yes, if you know your program.
Questions allowed: Of course! If something's unclear, feel free to ask me. Thanks.
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Tutorial one

Whoooo. This is my first tutorial, I'm both excited and nervous about what you guys might think. o:

Yeah, so. You can go from this to this in a few simple steps.
I use Paint Shop Pro 9 for all of my stuff, but I know this can translate.

Let me know what you guys think, and how it turned out for you. (;

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Mood theme's.

So, I want to make my own Simple Plan mood theme. But, I have a coloring question - what kind of coloring should I use on all the pictures I do for the theme? Like what *looks* good.

I know i could use *any* tutorial here, but I want your guys' help 'cause if I finish it, I may let others use it. :D

So, links & opions, thanks!
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Uploading Icon Problems

Hi, this is my first post here, my friend recommended I come here. I'm using Adobe Photoshop 5.5, and basically I was getting into making icons yesterday but when I made some the same way today, they showed up black when I uploaded them to an image hosting site.

For example, this is one I made last night:

But this is what happened when I uploaded one of my new ones today:

How can I fix it?
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I use PSPX

I was looking around random sites and found THIS (copyright Fake Tragety) REALLY neat layouy and i was wondering how they got the faces of the people to look like that. I'm guessing an exclusion or difference layer, but im not really sure if that's it. It seems like there's a little more to it. Does anybody know how it was done or were a tutorial for it is?