August 7th, 2006

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Since I'm an avid fan of the CSI:NY Series, I make a lot of icons on them. But I was somewhat frustrated with the blue filter of Season 1. All the caps came out dark and pretty much crappy (See below). So I tried my best to make them a lot more brighter. And this is the fruit of my effort.

Difficulty : Intermediate (Uses Curves)

We are going to go from  to

Made in PS7.

(Remove the blue filter!)

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Whatever brush I use, it shows up upside down.

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Those are the settings. I've not changed my settings recently, yet it still decides to flip my brushes. :|

(The third heart is what it looks like before I click/apply the brush, but it still turns upside down)

Help pleaseee. Thanks in advance. And sorry if it's so obvious and I'm just plain... stupid.

I use PSP8, thanks.
Sad Dooogie

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hii everyone! how can i get the background of an icon that is not the subject of my image to be blurry like this?

see how the person is sticking out, and the background is blurred? that's what i mean. sorry if i can't explain well ^ - ^

Thanks in advance!!!

by music_b0x
Kitties - Weird Face

Animation - Image Ready

Ok, i really hate having to ask this. So i go into Image Ready and i make an icon, i make it all the right speed and everything. looks great... i save and upload and.....its way too fast. I looked through the animation part of the memories and found solutions to the opposite problem where it slows down after upload, but not this. Has anyone had this problem? I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could help. It's really getting rather annoying. Thanks!
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im insanley new to photoshop.
i really want to make icons, banners and blends and such.
i was wondering if anyone could help me out, and kinda walk me through it? i would owe you so much! it would be very much appreciated!