August 8th, 2006

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I'm finding that whenever I upload anything I make on photoshop (cs), the uploaded version looks so much darker than the PS version. Is there an option in photoshop that should be changed or something? I've saved them as png, jpg and gif, and all have the same results (even with the save for web saving).
I've also noticed that if there's something dark on some website, and I copy+paste the picture into PS, it's much MUCH lighter.
I don't really have a problem with it, but lately, almost every single thing I do, I have to lighten before I upload (which is harder than it sounds). And it's really messing up any text I do.

Are there any ways of fixing this, because it's incredibly annoying (and this problem just started a few months ago, and I've had PS on this computer for about a year), so it has to fixable, right?
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Photoshop question

I had the opportunity to work a little bit with Photoshop CS2 with our licensed version at work. At home i have Elements 4.0. There´s one thing i was wondering about: where´s the magic selection brush in CS2? I think i tried every single tool but couldn´t find it. And i can´t believe that the "big brother" of the little Elements doesn´t have this great tool....
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WAH! I'm so confuddled! I haven't been able to figure out how textures work! I have a whole ton of them, but I just don't know what is the best way to use them. I've seen lots of tutorials that use textures and I'm pretty sure that the key is to use different blend modes but I'd like to know what is the BEST BEST BEST mode to use with them and if it depends on the icon.... okay good God just help me! -.- It's driving me insane. >_<

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Newer version/format? PSP 8

I recently updated my computer and lost all my brushes and textures for PSP-8 and have been trying to re-download them all, and for some .abr files it says it's too new of a version and is unsupported. Is there something I can download to help support these newer version files?



Gimp help?

I just downloaded gimp, and I'm so confused! I don't know how to make icons! :( Can someone help me? Particularly with making these icons?
Thankies in advance! =)

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Well, I was wondering what tut makers mean when then say "first point" or "second point" in curve tuts.
which points are they talking about?
I tried with the 2 that you have on top right and bottom left but I dont think that is what they mean cause the result comes really bad.
So, Can anyone please bother to explain?

edit: A screen cap would be awsome.
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Ok I have a quick question about ImageReady. I looked in a lot of the memories about my question or maybe I am just blind. I am fairly new to everything photoshop and have been used to working with jasc paint shop pro/animation pro. But, now that I have Adobe ImageReady I am having a hard time uploding my animation icons.

I get this message when I upload on LJ:

One or more errors occurred processing your request. Please go back, correct the necessary information, and submit your data again.

* Sorry, you cannot upload a userpic larger than 100x100 pixels if it is in GIF format.

But I know my image is sized at 100X100. I tried everything to get it to go through...cropping, changing the diffusion, the colors, even deleting a lot of my frames, etc. Only one time it went through, but the quality was horrible!

Here is my image.

I hope someone can help or direct me somewhere because I don't think I am doing it right.