August 10th, 2006

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I've forever struggled with this one MAJOR question.
Could someone help me answer it!?

How do you extract fine details from a very busy picture or extract hair from a background without taking half the background with you?
I want to make icons without having to keep the backgrounds.
For example
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What's the best way to do this?

Either in Photoshop CS or The Gimp I use both.


I just recently got Photoshop 7 and I tried working with coloring but I never tried making gif' or anything of that sort.

I made these three icons using one of those online things and they work but theyre not the right size at all for lj. Is it possible to fix this using photoshop because I asked someone and they directed me to animation shop but I dont have that. I dont even know what this would be considered...resizing?




Any help is greatly appreciated. ♥
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Flash Tutorial #2: Using the Pen Tool to Cut Out Images

This is the second of my flash tutorials. It's considerably longer than the curves tutorial, this one clocking in at 18 min and is an impressive 53.1 mb. However, I'll show you how to use the pen tool to cut out images (and make custom shapes) as opposed to the lasso tool or magic wand.

You'll need a Flash player to watch the tutorial, but you can get one for free from Adobe. If you watch this tutorial, please let me know if it's helped you. :D

Download the Pen Tutorial

Icon Tutorial #01

purefetish wanted me to make a tutorial and gave me some icons...but some are made with curves and these curves usually only apply to one picture because they depend on the I picked one with no curves. If you want to request a tutorial btw, you can do that at any time. I'm just happy when I can help other people out. :)

For the credit...I'd like to have some...but as long as you refer other people who'd like to see this tutorial to idol_iconized and don't claim it as *your way and idea* by copying the tutorial...I'm happy.

Okay, so today we're going to make this icon.

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I open at the close

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Anyone know of any good image hosting sites that won't resize your pics? I am so fed up with having to reduce the quality of my headers so Photobucket won't resize them. The lower quality makes them look like crap.
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Tutorial :: Text icons

Make This: from This:
                                                                            ....yeah, that's nothing.
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"Clear the selection with black Del"

So... oddish question:

I'm toying around with different text effects and am currently following this tutorial.

I'm at the point where it says "Invert the selection Ctrl+Shift+I, clear the selection with black Del, and finally Deselect." and I have no idea what "clear the selection with black Del" means. Any takers?

I have Photoshop CS2 and the tutorial seems to be for earlier versions, but so far I've managed everything else easy-peasy.

Thanks in advance!

Help with PSP X

I have PSP X and it's in Dutch

Can someone help me what these in English is:

kleurtoon -
Kleurtoon (oud) -
verzadiging -
verzadiging (oud) -
kleur (oud) -
luminatie -
luminatie (oud) -
bleken -
oplossen -
verschil -
tegenhouden -
doordrukken -
uitsluiten -

if someone who gives me this info...than is lot easer for me to folow your works...

[SG-1] The 4 of Us

PSP9 Help

I've looked in the memories and can't seem to find what I'm looking for, possibly because it doesn't exist. I know there's someway you can batch convert .bmps to .jpgs and the like but is there some way in PSP9 to apply the same layering to several pictures, for example if you wanted to apply a screen layer to lots of screencaps, is that possible? ETA SOLVED, THANKS.
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(no subject)

Okay... I'm hoping someone can help me as I've no idea what I've done and can't find the solution anywhere.

All jpg files that I view on my internet explorer are suddenly all blocky and pixelated. So I can't see any of my icons correctly, they all look suddenly rubbish.

I've looked all over the place hunting for something I've reset by mistake but can't find the answer. Please can someone help me?