August 11th, 2006

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I'm using ImageReady CS and when I save my animation it comes out a different colour:

« see, fugly!    « How it should be

It must have something to do with the colour settings but I'm not sure. I've had a look in the Archives but I couldn't find anything.
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guide you


I'm trying to achieve this sort of 'posterize' effect as in the pic below

Free Image Hosting at

I'm almost there,yet I could definitely use some help from you guys. I use Photoshop CS

Thanks in advance!
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does anyone know how to remove text on an image using PSP 8? i've seen it done before where as the text was removed & the picture remained the same. this picture for example, i want the text removed.


thanks so much in advance ;)
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So PSP9 finally beat me. It's been saying, "Updates are ready for your program!" for weeks now, and today, I finally got tired of the message popping up, and I went ahead and downloaded the updates.

And now I can't access my brushes. I can use only the brush I used last, and whenever I try to use a new one, PSP freezes and tells me it has to flee to some magic land where I and my baseball bat can't find it.

I could re-download it, but I think my disc is out of town. Any other ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
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Does anyone know where I can find good tutorials on colouring manga images? I searched through the memories, but I could barely find anything.

Thanks in advance.
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I checked the memories extensively and I couldn't find anything about this, although I am slighlty sleep depraved so I might've missed it. In any case, I have Photoshop 7 and there is always this small border around my pictures when I open them. It's not on the actual picture, so I'm guessing it's because of a setting I might have changed. I really want to get rid of it so any help would be really appreciated!

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I keep on seeing tutorials that say go to layers>> new adjustment layer>>selective colouring. I'm on PSP9 and there doesn't seem to be selective colouring. Am i looking in the wrong place or it just not on PSP9?
Those tutorials are probably for Adode Photoshop and I'm wondering if there's an equivalent on PSP9.
Can anyone help?

Curves :(

I know a lot of people say 'I've checked the memories, but...' but I swear, I really did. REALLY >.<
My problem is curves. When a tutorial says, for instance:
point one: 162, 189
point two: 88, 89

HOW do I enter that? I've tried just making a random point and typing in those numbers, but either it says it can't have numbers higher than 98, or it looks like garbage and I know it can't be right.
I've looked at curves tutorials but the ones I've seen just explain the concept of what curves do. None I've seen have actually told you where to either punch in numbers or how to move the thingy to achieve the numbers. I guess it's impossibly easy and I'm just clueless. I apologize for my ignorance and n00b-ness and would greatly appreciate some help :|
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Okay, I looked throught the archives, but this is a pretty specific question, so you don't have it. (or at least I didn't see it) Does any one know how I could get an old film reel (you know like when you watch an old movie and it has lines going up and down it ><) effect on an icon? Would the best idea to be to use/make different textures for it or is there and easier way? Much obliged~
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how to..

Okay I feel bad that I don't have a clue who made these icons because my friend sent them to me I love the way they look and have been trying to re-create or find the texture they used on them to get the faded soft noise type texture effect on them, It has been killing me.

How do I get this effect or texture?

made by: gloomy_mind
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Text problem

Hi, I am having trouble with my photoshop 7. When I try to write a saying on my icons most of the times I get just little dots. I have the font at a high size but it still comes out to a dot or nothing. Sometime the text work for a while but now it is getting too frustrating to tolerate.

Thank You!
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Tut 12 Brushes in Photoshop

Work in progress!

Some people asked me how to use brushes, so instead of answering everyone, I'm trying to make a tutorial about it. This is how I use photoshop, I don't say it's how everybody should, I don't say it's the better way to use photoshop. And thanks for any help on correcting mistakes or anything.

Not image heavy, click on the thumbails to see full size.

RH - Guy/Marian - By your side
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I have a question, I checked the memories but couldn't find anything.

I know someone asked this a while ago concerning PS but I use PSP 9, the problem is that the icons change color and darken every time I upload them to photobucket or other sites.

They look perfectly fine in PSP but not in the web browser, is there a way to fix this? I would be very grateful for any help :)

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Hi i'm new to this journal and i have a question :)
Does anyone know some great tutorial for black and white pictures?

Thanx :)

Btw i use PS 7 ...
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Does anyone happen to know of any good tutorials about how to make good bases? Prefferably anime bases. If anyone can link me to some I'd be very grateful. I wandered around the memories for a while but couldn't seem to locate any.

-- reiko
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Re: animated icon motion blur effect


I've been using a couple of tutorials in the memories to make an animated icon, but I'm still having difficulty with it.

I want a motion blur effect for a simple icon very similar to this one by acopyofacopy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

However, nothing I do looks like this. My blurred frame is not right (motion blur) and the tweening doesn't give me this type of effect either. Also, if I try too much tweening I end up with icons too big for lj

Any suggestions? I love this effect, but I'm just having so much trouble with it! following the IR tuts hasn't helped that much

I us PS7 and IR7
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