August 12th, 2006

Newbie Help

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I can't find what I'm stuck with in the FAQ page. I'm using Photoshop CS2. Here are my questions:

1. How do I add a border?

2. Everytime I save my icon, it looks perfect on CS2, but when I put it on photobucket, etc, it looks pretty bad. Why?

3. Lastly, how do I crop an image, say if it's not an icon size, how do I get to be that size?

Thank you to anybody who can help me!

Just need a link

I just need someone to link me to a certain tutorial. I have no idea what this style is called so i wouldn't know what to look for. But any help would be appreciated.


you see how the people have like....a fake porcelin {sp?} doll look?? I want to learn how to do that on Photoshop 7. I just need a link to any tutorial I could follow.

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(no subject)

I've just downloaded Paint Shop Pro X, (or PSP 10). From my old version, (PSP 7) I was use to pushing CTRL+Z or Edit-> Undo, to undo the last step from the icon I was making. In PSP 10, it won't let me undo anything at all. (As in, CTRL+Z does nothing, and the undo option under 'edit' is greyed.) Can anyone help me?


Ugh, I wish I had an example of what I was talking about, but does anyone know of like polkadot textured backgrounds for icons or something like that?  I know I've seen one in a tutorial here, but I can't find it.

Wallpapper Tuts

hey people. im new to this community and, i was wondering if you guys had any wonderful wallpapper tuts. you could post... ive been through all of the memories and used all of the ones i really liked. im trying to get better at photoshop so ive been doing quite a few things. so any tutorials would be GREATLY apperciated! thanks so much!!!

Please Help!

I have Photoshop 7 and I just got a new computer. Normally this would be a happy occasion, but I am ripping out my hair because I can't find the installation cd.

I tried following this, but I can't figure out how to run/install it once I have it on. I am using a zip drive instead of a cd, does that make any difference? Because I don't know if I can use one if it does. Please help me.
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Kreva - my man

Question concerning sharpening/smoothing images

I have a low quality image under the cut

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I have the following problem:

I'm generally trying to get this image looking a little nicer.
It of course gets a little sharper and smoother already once you crop it, but when I try to sharpen it, and be it just a tiny little bit, it immediately looks oversharpened (which you quickly notice when you change the blending mode).

I'd also like to make the skin look a little smoother, but even though I know using a soft round brush on the facial areas helps, I'm no good at choosing the right color for the brush and therefore often make it look weird.

Could anyone perhaps tell me a few tricks to make it looks less pixel-ish and sharper?
I tried curves but maybe I haven't found the right points yet.

I'm using PS7.

Thanks in advance!