August 14th, 2006

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Okay, bit of a strange question/discussion starter. I make a lot of icons from science fiction shows, and so I end up with pictures of people with blue skin, or green skin, or wildly multicolored skin, you know. So I was wondering, does anybody have any tips about how to enhance an image like that without making the skin look reeeeaaallly bad? I use GIMP, but I'm pretty good at translating. Thanks in advance.
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i was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions about how exactly to get the lighting effect in the picture under the cut. i'm using photoshop7. thanks in advance. :)

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Johnny Depp Wallpaper Tutorial

I know I just posted a tut yesterday, but I had this one done and I'm going on vacation so I wanted to get it out :)

Done in PS 7 - Should translate easily apart from the selective coloring, but the way I used it here, it isn't a big part of the coloring.

Make this wallpaper:


(Right Here)
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OK. I have a problem. My computer died not so long ago and I had to re-format and in doing so lost the codecs I had. I downloaded DivX so that I could watch my episodes of Veronica Mars but alas, I can no longer use the capping program Virtual Dub.

I rather like making animated icons and Virtual Dub is the only capping program I have, plus I rather like it. Is there any *free* codecs that people can recommend me to download that allows me to use Virtual Dub?

Thank you so so very muchly!

Help with a banner?

I have been running into some purely beautiful banners on journals and fansites lately and I have been dying to to learn to do some of them myself.
My favorite is this:

Would anyone know how to make something like this or know of a tutorial that would help me?

*I don't know who made this or I would have definitely asked them*

Thank you,
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Does anyone know a good site with TONS of stock pictures that have no watermark on them?

I've been having a hard tiem finding a site that doesn't make me pay for them/stamp them.
Anyone know one?!?!
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okay, so I just officially quit Media Player Classic for capping because it's playing my dvd's like shit so I saw a comment and even a step by step way to cap with VLC MEDIA PLAYER (sorry for the caps, i'm hoping it'll grap someone's attention....hah) frame by frame so i can make an animated icon. if someone could either direct me to the post OOOORRRR explain to me what to change in my settings or wahtever.

also, is there a way to make a shortcut to cap instead of having to go to video > snapshot

ooooh and here are some tutorials that i made a while ago, but this is a tutorial community and i hate text only posts....

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