August 16th, 2006


Bluish Effect?

Would anyone know how to get this blue-ish effect of this icon, without using selective color? I'm particularly looking for the blue in the hair, and around the eyes.

I have PSP7.

by nightcomes

I'd ask the maker, but she has a different program.
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Question on GIMP 2 brushes and pspx brushes

My best friend has GIMP 2, and whenever she tries to save brushes and use them, they always only work in black and white. Does anyone have any advice for that, on why it does that or how to make it stop?

I have pspx, and I was wondering what kind of file I am supposed to save brushes as? Thanks.

silly questions

Hi there, these are easy peasy questions, but I'm still newish at this so:
How do I achieve the rounded edge like this:

also, does anyone know how to display a community name in the same way that you would display a user name ex. <lj user=rubyslippers217> I've been trying to figure this out for ages with no luck. :P


Yet another tutorial for you guys! XD I hope you guys will enjoy this one as well. (:

Created on: PS7
Level: Medium; Intermediate
(This tutorial could be easily translated into other programs as well.)



( and here we go! )
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how do you do the cut out affect?

Like this? See how Jamie looks cut out, is there a way to do that in pspX, or can anyone help?
Thanks. Oh I don't know who the credit for this goes to so sorry. =)

Polaroid style tutorial

I'm curious as to how to make a graphic with many images in it using the polaroid picture style (you know how it looks like there are a bunch of polaroids strewn all over the graphic? yeah, that). I use Photoshop CS. Any help would be great! Thanks! :)
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Alternative to Selective Coloring

Are you like me, who curse (hopefully not literally!) those who use Photoshop for having the wicked awesome selective coloring? Well, after finally cracking the code, I made a similar tutorial for us Paint shop pro users. Unfortunately, you must have PSP 8 or higher. I did make a similar tutorial over at fauna, but the colors where kind of harsh and icky.

I hope no one has trouble with this, I made it as easy as possible. It's also dial-up safe so anyone can take a try at this.

We're going from this to

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Questions are very much welcomed.
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Choppy animation?

I've been making mini-movie icons for a little while now, and usually they work out pretty well. I was making some last night, and when I upload them as userpics on LiveJournal or Photobucket, they play kind of choppy:

An example of what it should look like is like this:

made by finaldistance

I've tried lowering the amount of frames, but it's not working. Does any one have any ideas? I use PSP9 and Animation Shop 3 by the way. Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone that helped! It looks like it's the browser's fault, not mine!!
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My computer recently crashed. But the new version of PowerDVD has a slightly different way of configuring things than I'm used to. I want to cap things so they end up as .jpgs not .bmps and I did this by changing the file extension in the 'copy to file' settings, and this appeared to work, I've just tried dragging my caps into PSP9 and it reads 'this is not a valid jpeg-jfif file' and nothing opens. Does anyone know why this is and is it possible to fix it?

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It has been way too long since I've made a tutorial...

I never really bothered trying to use those polaroid brushes... so I thought I'd try and I liked the outcome :]

Going from: ------->

In Photoshop CS.

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If you use this tutorial, I'd love to see what you come up with :D