August 17th, 2006

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Drop Shadow Problem – Settings Affecting Multiple Layers :: PS 7

I'm working on a header in Photoshop 7 with around thirty layers. On most layers is a picture inside a Polaroid brush. A few layers have tape or paper clip brushes as decoration. Recently I'd managed to organize and lay out the pictures as I want them. I went to add a drop shadow to one, which worked well--until I went to add the drop shadow to another on a completely different layer.

The settings seem to be affecting each layer simultaneously. If I add a drop shadow to layer 1 with settings X and then try to add a drop shadow to layer 2 with settings Y, settings X will change to become settings Y. It's possible to see this happen as I change the angle in setting Y and watch the graphic. Layer 1's settings will move along with layer 2's settings.

I've tried ticking on or off various options concerning blending options in general and the drop shadow in particular with no luck yet.

I have also checked in the memories under "Photoshop: Tips and Tutorials" and "Photoshop: Problems and Errors". Tips and Tutorials had two entries concerning drop shadows but no relevant information to my problem; Problems and Errors had none.

If there's an existing post on this anywhere, I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me to it. If there isn't, then it'd be great if someone could help explain what I might be doing wrong or what I need to change.

Just for reference: My Drop Shadow Settings

Thank you.

ETA: Answered.

txvoodoo was kind enough to explain the problem and offer a solution. Thank you very much!


How can I get rid of this border that shows up on every thing I work on in Photoshop CS? It's driving me crazy!

*I know it doesn't show up when you upload the image, but it just bothers me and I was wondering if there's any way to remove it in the program.*


PSP7 -
FUNNY - Elephant Trampoline [ANI]

Silly Question

I have an animation question...

I was wondering i currently use PS7 and image ready (hate image ready BTW) i also use PSP8 And animation shop 3..most of the time for animations i use the gimp as it's easier to use. I recently purchased PSPX and was wondering if animation shop works with that? i'd like to use it as i paid 130.00 for the program and was bummed it didn't have animation with it...
Thanks in advance..

Photoshop question


Does anyone know if there is a way in Photoshop to have some kind of window open that tells you the exact pixel dimensions of the image in a specific layer?

I know you can go to Image Size, but that's not what I mean (I know I'm not explaining it very well...)

In fireworks, when you select a layer, at the bottom it tells you the image in the layer is XxY which is really useful. I'm hoping PS has a similar function, but I can't find it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


PS7 Text Problems.

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I've been having two problems lately with PS7. When I'm making icons and I'm about to add text, it automatically goes down to another layer when I'm about to type. Does anyone know why it does this (it doesn't happen all the time but sometimes it does it)?

And another question I have is when it does happen to let me type text, sometimes it's small and I can't even see what I'm typing so I usually have to make a new document and copy and paste it over to my icon.

It would be great if someone could help me with this problem. Thanks!

choosing a color

I have Photoshop CS2, and I can't choose a color other than the set 'red, yellow, blue, green, orange' etc.
Most tutorials list the colors as hex codes- how can I specify the exact color I want to use in a layer? I've looked for any entry and/or basic tutorial, but can't find anything.

small text dilemma

Okay so I was just using Photoshop 7 just a few minutes ago, and when I used the text tool, the size was perfectly fine.  Then I don't know what I hit or whatever but now my text is extremely small, even at size 72, it's itty bitty.  If I put it at size 500, then it'll look much bigger...but I really don't want to put in size 500 when before all i had to do was click size 18 and get the same sizing.  I know this question has been asked before because I had this problem once but it was so long ago...

So can anyone help me to get it back to normal?

(no subject)

Okay I'm having a bit of difficulty with something and I'd apperiate any help I can get. Whenever I make an icon it looks really great(ish) in PSP8 and when I'm satisfied with what I've done, I close it and everything and then when I go to upload the image to show it off or when I check the image over in PSP, it looks really really friggin' pixely! This usually only happens after I close the image then open it again. This has happened with virtually every icon I have made and it really take away from the icons. I wonder if it maybe the way I save them that does it? Here is an example:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wonder if you see what I'm talking about. Also (*trying not to pimp*) you can check out my journal to really see what I mean.

Please help me out! :(


Hey, im quite new in here and i had a question
i c alot of animations like these..

and i wanted to know how to make them
i can't seem to find tutorials for it, i really want to know where i can find tutorials to make aniamtions like that one, pretty pleaseee!!!

thanks alot!

How to do squares?

I would really like to know how to do the squares in the following icons:
both by atomiclamb
I've tried to do both effects before but the one with the tiny squares always look ugly and the second effect i've tried to do in motion blur but I don't know how much of the tiny square to select to blur.
I would ask the maker but some icon makers don't like being asked questions about how they did stuff so I didn't want to get annoyed comments back.
Any help would be appreciated- thanks.

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Need Help Crafting a Triple Border

I had intended to preface my post with "please speak slowly, for I am stupid", but according to the community posting guidelines, self-deprecation is frowned upon here. I would have meant it in jest--know that I haven't any self-confidence issues. However, I am all for exalting those who say such things in earnestness.

Right! Using: PS 6.0

So, this particular inquiry actually involves a banner--that will eventually be an image-mapped header. But since I'm seeking a technique I also intend to use in icons, I thought this would be a suitable place to ask. Direct your eyes, if you will, to my journal. See the current header? Well, that's exactly the style I want, really. Except that I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how to create a 1px-wide black border around the very edge. I like my white border, but I want the thinnest of black outlines so that the image will remain separate from lighter backgrounds.

I am pretty much entirely new to Photoshop. Some experience with PSP, but I never knew what I was doing. I stumbled upon this "blending options" technique in your own archives, and have been using it for bordering. I even got it to work for a double border (the dark grey you can barely see inside the white in my example) by making a second duplicate layer, and applying the interior border as a "screen" stroke. So, I thought I'd be able to do my thin black border in the same way. However, when I go to make the subsequent white border interior to it, I can't find a blending option that will allow them both to show up. Obviously, I'm grasping the technique but have little concept of the underlying theory.

Your assistance is most appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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What is Negative Image?


I'm following a tut chiffanichan made (the Emma and Dan Blend tutorial), and I'm stuck on step 8. What is Negative Image? I'm using PhotoShop CS2. The other steps went fine, but not this one. Don't know why.

I'd appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance! :-)
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(no subject)

Hi guys, this is kind of a random question so please delete it if it's not allowed.

I was going to attempt to make a few mini-movie icons but the videos I want to screencap are on youtube, google, etc. This website, "mytube" is supposed to let you rip them but I have no idea how to change the file type of a video. They come out in .flv format, which I obviously can't play in WMP or Quicktime, so I was just wondering if anybody had a tutorial to change file types so I can save & view them?
Mary-Kate→Olsen Style

(no subject)

I made this tutorial cause I thought that it could be useful for you
If you don't like it then simlpy don't see it!

Alot of ppl hate this tutorial so I thought of makeing it with another photo which shows only the face cause it looks better that way!




This tutorial works only on photo shop Because there is Selective Colors 

(Fake Cut)
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