August 18th, 2006

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I was wondering did anyone have any tutorials or any information that they could give me on Photoimpression3 on how to customize icon?
I know-its not a common program-but Im waiting for Photoshop in the post so ill have to use it till then.
Anything would be appreciated.Thanks

icon font help!

How do you achieve this type of effect for Paint Shop Pro X?

The effect for the font.. I posted three examples so you can get a feel for what I mean (also if you look at the icon I used for this entry made by crimsonique). I know how to outline font.. I'm talking about how do you make it look like its popping out and have it curve and everything else! :-D




I use PSP X... I hope the makers don't mind I posted their icons!!

Thanks in advanced.
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Mod Post: Resources

A gentle reminder, O Community, because I have deleted a stunning number of posts in the last two days:

We are not the place to say, "where can I find this brush?" And in place of the word brush, you can also substitute "gradient," "texture," "tutorial," "font," and "image."

In fact, any post that starts with the words, "Where can I find..." does not belong here, and will be deleted.

We teach you how to make your own, not how to find things others made for you.

Look in our userinfo under "Links and Resources" for the places you can go for the "where can I find" sort of thing.

That is all.
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Color Settings


Sorry if this is a little off subject..

I have Photoshop 7, and something's wrong with the color settings. When you copy and paste a picture onto like, a working space it's black and white. There's absolutely no color. It's happened to me a few times before, and I forgot how I got it back right >.< Could somebody help me with the color settings?

Thanks in advance

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using PSCS2

hello. i'm new to PS, just got it yesterday. i've been using psp9 for over two years now, and, basically, i know very little about PS.
i've looked through the memories (honestly) and i haven't found anything relating to my question yet. 
in PS, after i copy an image, there's no option to paste it into photoshop and ctrl+v doesnt work. is there a way to do this, or am i just missing it?

i apologize if this was a really noob-ish question.

thank you!

edit: SOLVED. Thank you to everyone who commented! =]

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Coloring Tutorials

Eight coloring tutorials under the link. Each one has 3 examples and a link to the original post for them which has a short direction to archive the same coloring. If you ever have any questions on them please ask.

CLICK HERE for EIGHT sets. @ 427_fandom

(more to come as I post them, I am using that post as an archive post)
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PS CS 2 question

Hey anyone who has Adobe Photoshop CS 2 know where screen capture is? Sorry..this is like a stupid question. Well, if you do, can you please send me a screen shot of where it is? Thanks!
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Just a few pointless tutorials that I am sure are completely FLAWED but I did the best I could. If you notice anything off about them, please inform me. It's hard to keep track of 6 tutorials.

Anyway, all were done in PS CS2. They Use Curves, Selective Coloring, Levels, and Color Balance. I'm afraid it is NOT translatable.




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Again these can't be done in any verson of PSP. They are not translatable. Sorry. :(

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List of Tutorials

I am working on an index type page of tutorials that can be found here and at other LJ tutorial communities. To see what I've put together so far click here. I was wondering if anyone would like to add any tutorials to the list that they've found useful. I'd appreciate any, thanks x) .

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I have a problem when trying to use blue colors in PS CS2. When I type in #0000FF, which should be bright blue, I get a bright purple (looks like #6600FF) instead. I used to use CS and was having this problem, so I switched to CS2 and I am still getting weird colors. Even after reinstalling I still have a problem, so I think it might have something to do with my computer. All other colors work just fine. How can I fix this? I use Windows (not Mac), if that matters.

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i have a question- how do you get tiny text? 

i've heard about brushes,  but i've also heard of fonts just on size 1... i was wondering how you do that? my smallest font size is 8. thanks again! if this is a repost... i'm thinking delete. :)

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Sailor Moon - Chibi Usa Tutorial

Okay...this is my first time ever posting, here, I bring you a tutorial! Featuring Chibi Usa-chan of the anime/manga Sailor Moon!!!

Go from this to this: , or even this:

I used Photoshop 6.0, but I'm really sure this can be translated to other programs :)
(So, uh...let's a-go!)

- If you like this tutorial, feel free to friend my icon journal: starclan_icons, or even friend me: spottedtail. I just love new friends!
- You do not have to follow this tutorial exactly how it's written. Play with the opacities...etc. Go wild!
- Feel free to use the icons.
- No hotlinking, please! And definitely NO STEALING. Period.
- Comment here with the icons you make. I'd love to see how this tutorial went for others!