August 19th, 2006

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Problem with Photoshop CS2

A friend of mine said that she downloaded/installed loads of brushes and patterns lately. And today in the morning she downloaded a new pattern set and wanted to install it. It worked and the patterns are in the list, but when she tried to use them (with the pattern stamp) she got this: "Could not use the pattern stamp because the scratch disks are full".
She doesn't know why, because she said that her hard drive isn't full.

I already read this entry about problems with scratch disks but couldn't figured it out. :/
Or should she change the scratch disks like aquamarcia explained? It's that what's wrong maybe? That she just assigned one scratch disk and this one is full? And now she has to assign another one?

And I have to admit that we are Germans, so if there is somebody who speaks german, it would be more than nice if you could tell us in german. english is fine too but german would be perfect ;)

Many thanks in advance!

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if this has been asked a million times feel free to delete this post, but before u do lol redirect me to a post that could help me...... if i make a full sized animated icon in jasc animation shop with more than a few frames, even when it's under 60k, lj won't let me upload it telling me it's greater than 100x100 which it isn't :P i can only fix this by shrinking my animation which i don't like, or lowering the quality til it loks like ass, which i also don't like.

so what's goin on? lol

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text on the icon

Hi! I'm new to this whole icon making process, and I have a question. This may have been asked before, and I have looked through the archives and past posts, but I can't find anything. Maybe I've skipped over something unknowingly...

I want to make an icon with the text performing an action like this :
I don't know, however, how to create that animation. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial, or tell me how to do it? 

Thanks so much. I use Photoshop 7 and ImageReady.


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Is there a tutorial here for how to make it look like its raining? Maybe I just saw an icon of it and thought there was a tutorial. I dunno. If there is a tutorial can somebody point me in its direction (ie link to it) and if there isn't would it be possible for somebody to make one for me? I did look in the memories unless its worded differently than I'm thinking of it. :-)

EDIT: I got one that I was able to convert and this is the result. Thanks for all the help and links though :-) I can post the modifications for PS if somebody wants although they're not that hard to do if you know your way around and what everything is. :-)

I need help, please

Hi, I've just installed Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and I have a problem: Layers.I choose a color (and I can't fill it either, there is no #F.... or something ) but it won't show and gives the effect.Nothing happens :( Like this:

All the tuts. I saw in here have this box full of color but mine..:(
I will be very happy if you help this fish :p

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Mood theme help


I'm planning to make a Leonard Bernstein mood theme with my 30-day trial Adobe photoshop 7.0.1. And I want to know how to make it 100x40 size without the picture being messy, I want it to be clear. Because I'm only going to have my Photoshop for a few days, I also want to know to save it on a Paint document.

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Step by Step Mini Movie Tutorial - Image Ready

Ok, someone asked for a simple tutorial to make mini movies. I’m going to try to fill that request the best I can. This tutorial is for Photoshop and Image Ready. This is for beginners. It is a step by step tutorial and very image heavy. If you have PSP and Animation Shop, I know there is a good simple tutorial already in the memories. I’ve used it.

I’m going to be making this icon.

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