August 23rd, 2006

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I checked the faq & meme and went back a few weeks, but still couldn't find the guide that someone had made for making text only bases. If someone could point me in that direction that would be great.
Thanks guys.
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Awhile (about a month or two ago) I saw someone post about their photoshop problem where every time they cropped a thin border went around the image. (Almost like a stroke that's opacity has been lowered) well that is happening to me now and I was wondering how to get rid of it. It's doing it automatically and is annoying!
Thank you for your help!!
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I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I like to use actions, which is applying a series of steps to different icons without actually repeating the process each time. Basically, I record what I did and then play it for another icon.

My problem is that lately when I hit 'Play' Photoshop will do a few steps and then pop up the message that it Could not complete the command because the selected area is empty.

If anyone could tell me what I did to recieve the message, I'd be very grateful. Thank you.

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I looked though the memories and couldn't find anything pertaining to this.
I was wondering how you could make it look like it was raining in an icon.
For example, this:
(Cropped by me.)

I'm using ImageReady (along with PS 7) and I'm pretty new with ImageReady. I would think you'd just make a few different frames with rain in different places then just put them together, right...?

Thanks for any help. :)
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Colour Balance Question?

I've seen lots of tutorials which where made for PSP refer to Colour Balance i.e. Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

I use Macromedia Fireworks for my graphics which works almost exactly the same as Photoshop so I am able to translate most things.

Could someone tell me what the equivalent of Colour Balance is in photoshop, if there is an equivalent that is.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes. Im still hopeless, and need help :D
Now i'd like to know, how can i get this coloring ? ( i dont know who made it, and i dont have original pic's. sorry )
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recording commands

Okays i was just wondering if there is a way to record commands to use againg on multiple icons? So that i don't have to go back through all the steps....really annoying when theres like 20 layers!!!!

Oh i guess i should say that i use Paint Shop Pro X

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :) x

EDIT:// solved!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)
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