August 25th, 2006

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PSE 3.0: Applying Motion Blur to Text

Here's a tutorial for applying motion blur to text on an icon in Photoshop Elements. I used 3.0, but I'm sure it's translatable to other versions. It's hella long and there are many images; dial-up users, proceed with caution. ^^

Stuff is hosted on Photobucket; if you start getting ugly red Xs, let me know and I'll move the pics over to my website. :D


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Helpful Hints:
- When you save this, be sure to click "Save for Web," then save it as a .gif with 256 colors.
- Also be sure to click that little box that says "Animate." Otherwise it'll just be, you know, a regular picture.
- My text is like, a size or two too big. 04b_03b and other pixel fonts are much better for this sort of thing, and you can download tons of them from

Hopefully this will be helpful to you guys. Let me know if you have any problems! ♥

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I looked in the memories, but couldn't find a proper way of crop and resize without getting it too small cause that's what happened to me.

I cropped, resize to icon size(100X100) and it was made smaller than it suppose to be!


blue tinge effect in psp!!!!!

Okay yesturs i asked about the blue tinge effect, or more specifically how i could achieve a similiar effect in psp, and got a mixed response in reply!!

Anyways i trawled back through the calendar archives and found this great tut, seriously i bow down to its creator!!!

So here it is...for the PSP users of the icon world....the BLUE TINGE EFFECT!!!! lol!

(i hope the creator of this tut doesn't mind me posting this link!!!)

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I have a Photoshop brush dilemma. You know how usually when you use a brush, you can see the outline of it before you actually stamp it? Well all of a sudden instead of that, I get this:

Does anyone know how to fix this?
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*~First tut~*

Hey! Found this comm a while ago and finally decided to post to it ^__^

Today I will be showing you a simple yet effective technique to make a particular part of your icon stand out

Done in Photoshop but I think its transferable

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A few questions.

First, I'm new to the community, but this place looks hugely useful! What a great idea for a community -- I don't know why I haven't joined sooner! I checked the memories and didn't find the answers I was looking for, but my questions are pretty difficult to categorize, so I hope I didn't miss something ... Ok, so let me jump right ahead to my queries...

First question.

How do you get this effect on an icon? Another example, and another. [credit whatsaspork.]

The newspaper looks like a tiny scaled down photograph of a newspaper (rather than a brush, or stamp). Say I got my image and cropped out any background to leave this - would I need any special layer effects to make it look so smooth - cause there's not even any jagged edges or anything.

I'm not sure these following questions are strictly admissible, even though they're related to icon making, so I'll put them under Collapse )
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i dont if this is the right place to ask but i was wondering how you would screencap episodes you've downloaded. for example, what program do you use?

sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
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I have THIS cap & I made THIS icon but i'm not happy with the colouring. Is there any way to get rid of the orange oompa-loompa thing going on? Or any tut or any help you give is also appreciated!

I use PS7, btw.

Thanks for the help anyone can give me.
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PSP 9 Problem

I was wondering how to get the Paint Shop Pro 9 preference back to the way they usually look. Like when you first install the program. The side bar is messed up and I know that you can get it back to the way it was but I don't remember how. Any help would be greatly appericated!! Thank you in advance!!!
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Colouring Tutorial - PSP8

Here we go with my second not-very-remarkable tutorial, heh. Here’s hoping I can explain it as clearly as I did with my last one >.>

Going from
in seven easy steps, with no curves or adjustment layers

( Tutorial )
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does anyone know i i might achieve the coloring and effect in the current icon i am using? I don't know who made it so i couldn't ask them and i have asked the person who i snagged it from but haven't heard anything from them...

Thanx in advance