August 26th, 2006

Final Fantasy Icon Tutorial

I made a tutorial on how to make a simple icon because eowynjedi kindly said I should. ><; It's for Photoshop CS2 and it may or may not be applicable to other versions or programs. Also, on a final note, this tutorial is not meant to be followed strictly, but to give some general guidelines. Try to add your own twists here and there and experiment, as it is the only real way to learn. ^^

Going from this to

(Click for the tutorial)

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X3 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!
*Cough* This might seem like a stupid, n00b question, but it's bugging me~ :D

How can I get the purple-hair-effecty-thing?? o__o; It probably has a simple answer but I'm too thick to work it out myself. 0=D
[Credit: rawkstarr32]

For all I know it might be a texture, but I just want to make sure~~~

I use photoshop 7.0 :D
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Help, please.

Hey all!
Let me know if it has been asked previously, so I can delete it, immediately as I haven't seen any questions on my topic.
Can someone tell me how to get the pale-yellowish-bluish background colouring, using Photoshop 7, like this icon:
 - made by saharaam.

Thanks in advance!
Wentworth Miller

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Hey there!
I made these icons a long time ago, and i dont remember how i made them.  I do remember that there was a tutorial on them.. can anyone help?

Here are the icons, of course made by me.....

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Comic book looking

Hey a while back there was a tutorial with the character Greg Sanders from CSI & the icons said 'Anal Swabs' & it was showing how to make an icon look like a comic book picture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so do you have the link to it or one similar?