August 31st, 2006

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I've checked the memories, which means that unless I'm spectacularly blind, I don't think my question about icon quality has been asked before.

It's a little long, so here's the
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Edit: Thanks to everyone who offered solutions. The problem is probably in my browser settings. Sorry about eating up peoples' time!
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Font size issues with PSP X?

Mkay, I'm wondering what on earth is going on with my fonts in PSP. Sometimes my size 8 font is teeny tiny unreadable, other times, its just the right size. Sometimes, my 72 font is just big enough, and sometimes, its huge. I'm really confused, do I keep pressing something on accident that changes this?

And no, its not the picture size, I have triple checked to make sure the pictures I was using were resized when this happens.
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okay this is probably a stupid question but
Im wondering: how do you title a new set
of brushes so that they become a seperate little tab.

that probably didn't make sense...hmm 
what I mean is after I download an .abr file
I can load the brushes but they never become
a seperate little tab like the other brushes for example
"Basic Brushes" and "Assorted Brushes". When I download
an image pack I can title the brushes and they do go into
their own 'little space'

Im asking this cause Im sick of loading the brushes into say the 
Basic Brushes and then after I use another kind of brush like the
 Assorted Brushes I'll go back to Basic Brushes and the ones that
I just loaded are gone. So I gotta load them again, and so forth.

I really hope I didn't totally confuse you, its just a little hard to explain.
thanks in advance! :) 

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I use Photoshop CS2
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Saving curves?

Geez, I think this is the third time this week I've bugged you all. LOL. Simple question here, I hope. I'm trying to do a tutorial with curves and the maker has provided a way to download the curves and install them into Paintshop..'cept I don't know how to save them. Or at least I don't think I do. Can you load curves into your Paintshop and actually save them? If you can, I'm going to feel like a big ass for asking this. LOL!

Thanks for any help!