September 1st, 2006

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gimp help please

hah. thats the best i can do in gimp. im completely new to anmation. anyone mind helping me? thanks in advance :D

i use gimp 2.0 thanks.

i want to make little cartoon animation-type things with pixelly-people in icons.

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I've checked the memories and even gone through several months of the calendar, but to no avail. I'm looking for a tut that shows how to animate snow/petals. It's not the one by yumie_k. I'm not sure who it's by or how long ago it was. I know this is really difficult to find, but if someone knows I'd be forever grateful. ♥ Thanks in advance!

Custom Shapes - tell me what to think!

I'm not quite sure why this question has popped into my head, but it has, and is buzzing about like that pestilent mosquito Photobucket keeps asking me to zap.

I'm wondering about (Photoshop's) Custom Shapes. I've used them, occasionally - when I want a little heart, it's a lot quicker to find the Shape than go through my brushes, for instance - but I wonder, what is the particular virtue of Custom Shapes? When and why is it better to use a shape than a brush? Is there, indeed, a Right Way to Use Shapes? As often as not, I convert a Shape to a Brush, because I can handle brushes happily, but there must be a reason why the Custom Shapes are different.

I've prowled through the memories here at icon_tutorial and in a couple of other places, and found nothing at all on the topic - Custom Shapes very rarely seem to crop up in icon tutorials. Photoshop's own Help doesn't seem to say anything about the Why questions. If anyone has an explanation, or can direct me to a tutorial or explanatory post, I'd be grateful.
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Alrighty, my first tutorial ever. At least, on here. We'll be making the icon show below. Yay.


It won't be exact due to the fact I made the icon quite some time ago and only recently wrote the tutorial. But it'll be similar. Made in PSPX, but most likely can be used in other programs.

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