September 5th, 2006

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Sorry to everyone who tried to view my tutorial, and found it was locked. I forgot because I didn't want the tutorial viewable when i was writing it and seeing how it looked. I unlocked it, so go ahead.

How to make an icon like this:

follow me...
always me

Help please

I make icons and i would love to post them onto my LJ account, but before i do so, i wanted to know how to make a ressources page so i could credit the people i take some brushes and textures from

How am i supposed to make a ressources page ?
I know it has something to do with the links page or something... but could someone plz give me a step-by-step to doing so ?

thanks in advance !
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Give me one

About brushes

This time I tried the FAQ first but that didn't help much.
I'm asking for tips for using brushes right.
And YES I know how to use them etc, but with 'using them right' I mean how can I make icons look good with brushes?
I've been a little shy using them because I don't know what looks good and I'm afraid that I use them too much or something like that.
This may be a stupid question but someone's gonna ask it.

So please if someone could be so kind and give me more information about how to use brushes well I'd be very very grateful.

And if you couldn't understand what I'm saying:
These are pretty good examples

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Made by: the_swingset swingset_icons

Thank you in advantage!

And I'm sorry if this was recently asked. Couldn't find.

+ I tried to say my thoughts as clearly as I could. Hope someone understands :).
Puck in mash up

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I have an old version of photosop elements so it doesn't have curves or selective colouring (if it does it's well hidden because i've been using the program for 2 years and have never found those tools)but i really like this colouring

Image Hosted by made by modern_illusion

does anyone know how to get this colouring on an older version of ps elements?
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