September 7th, 2006


How to use text tastefully

I'm extremely sorry if this comes off as a stupid/unnecessary question, but does anyone have any tips on how to use font tastefully? How can I make my text look very nice, and what are some fonts that you all would recommend and where can I find them? I'm really interested in using cool cursive fonts like the one used in this icon by lights&sounds:

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Thanks in advance!
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photoshop cs2 question

this is a really lame question, and i'm sorry i even have to ask it. see, i've been trained to use photoshop (for digital photography) only i hadn't had it in a really long time (i.e. like four years) and i've been using psp7 (love it) but i gave in and got the 30 day trial of ps cs2 mainly just to see if i like it more then psp7. this is where the lame question comes into play--how do you crop a picture and know that you've got the right...ratio i make it 100x100. in psp it shows you at the bottom, and thats how i've always done it but ps cs2 doesn't do that. and...its bothering the heck outta me. help?

Animation Question

This is probably like the simpliest thing ever but for the life of me can't figure it out. Okay so I know how to do the whole Animation thing but what I don't know how to do is optimizing it to where it fits in with LJ's 40kb limit. I've tried everything but I'm so clueless. Any help would be AWESOME. Thanks ahead of time XD.

I use Animation Shop 3.
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PSP7 shutting off

Everytime now I want to add text PSP7 shuts off. I did work today but now it said I need to close other documents, Other applications clean out my memory, or work on a smaller document.
But I don't have any other documents and applications open. And I'm just working on a icon.
I can add brushes etc. But no text.
Anyone have any tips?

i pod tutorial

hey guys,
i'm new here at LJ and i need a tutorial for the i pod-style.
i know that some of these have been posted before but i don't find any.

so it would be nice if you could help me with this effect: