September 10th, 2006

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Eeek, first tutorial! I decided to lose my tutorial-posting virginity so here I am. With tutorial.
Involves selective colouring. Made in PS7 so I imagine its translatable to a certain degree.

Going from to

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Paper Cut-Out Tutorial

A manga tutorial that covers the 'drop shadow' feature, giving the icon a paper cut-out effect. Made in CS2 - not to sure if other programs have the drop shadow option. If not, get out now just skip that part.
Note: This tutorial works best with cartoon drawings.

Turning  into

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Text movement question...

Long story short... bought a new laptop, installed PS7... and now, when I am making an icon, and I try to move the text... just a fraction... it won't let me. jumps...

it didn't do this on the last laptop... and i can't seem to figure out how to get it to stop.

it's very annoying when i want the text in just *that* spot and it won't stay there.

how can i fix this?

i've searched the memories... but haven't seen anything. i did find the answer to another text problem i was having... but not to this one.

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Aspect ratio problems with screencapping

I use Media Player Classic for screencapping but lately I've been having problems with the size of the images when they've been capped. I've tried changing the Output to "windowed" and waiting a few minutes for it to start working, changing the Override Aspect Ratio to 16:9, checking various capping tutorials, etc., but nothing's seems to be working for it. I've also tried playing and capping it with my other DVDs to make sure it wasn't just one DVD that had the problem, but that wasn't the case.

Here's an example of the problem I'm having to give you a better idea of what I'm looking for:

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Any ideas how I can fix this?
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Desperately need help here. I make my animated avies in ImageReady, I have an icon in the works that requires 8 slices (I've tried to cut it down, I really have, but 8 remains resolutely stubborn), about .25 seconds for each. My question is, what is the best way to optimize this puppy without putting it to sleep?


Ok, I've looked through the memories, and there *is* a post relevant to this question. Problem is, the solution does work.

So, I have two layers, and I'm trying to erase some of the top layer. The eraser doesn't work, even when set to the hardest and highest opacity options. And when I select (either with the marquee or the pen tool) it tells me "No pixels were more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible". I've tried this with no feathering whatsoever, and it's still happening.

So, if someone could please help me? It'd be much appreciated :)

EDIT: Layer Masks don't work either! *bites lip*

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Ok I am very very new at this and have been playing with the tutorials all day.  I have found some great tools and thank you all very much.  I am using PSP and the problem I am  having is....when reading a tutorial I see "duplicate image and set to... and bring to top."  So I cant figure out how to do either of those things.  I can duplicate...but when it duplicates it seems to start a whole new page and I cant figure out how to set just that picture to anything. I am sure it is something easy and obvious but I sure cant find it.   Thank you for any help!

All About LJ/Web-friendly Image File Formats

As most (if not all) of you already know, GIF, JPEG and PNG are the image file formats LJ allows for icons. These same formats are, of the various formats web browsers will render, also the most common and accepted out on the Web at large. Every once in a while someone will post asking about which type of file is the best. When this happens many of the responses contain unsupported opinion ("JPEG rules, PNG drools!") or misinformation ("PNG doesn't support transparency."). What follows is an attempt to address this problem by bringing together in a single post all the basic information on the features of each image format, along with recommendations on the uses for which each format is best suited.

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Hi, I am new to this community and have a question.
I've been playing around with icons for a while now, but I only using paint and microsoft word for help. So I've been wanting a nice program like Adobe for a while but have never really had the money to get it. I just got a program called Photo Explosion Deluxe (the second version) for my birthday and it looks pretty nice. So my question is basically whether anyone knows if this is a good program or not?
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