September 11th, 2006

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This tutorial is for PSP9 and should translate into everything else quite nicely I think. It's also written assuming you have a reasonably decent understanding of the program and how to do shit with layers. So, uh, I'm hoping for no "how do i set layer to soft light" questions because they make my soul hurt.


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[VS} Curves are sexy

Edgy circle help.

Ok, whenever I go to make circles, it's all edgy *points to icon* and I was wondering how to correct it. I'm using PSPX. Thanks!

Fixed by checking the anti-ailias, and setting feather to 1.
Thanks everyone!
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Hi ! I have a problem :( How can I coloring this picture mailerose-> in Photoshop 8.0 CS ? No in GIMP. Please, help :(
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[Supernatural] JP - male model

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We're going from to using Photoshop CS.

(Colour my world)
- Knowledge in Blend Modes and Saturation.
- Begginers Friendly.
- Dial up Friendly.
- No Curves.
- No Seletive Colours.
- Only 005 steps.
- Pictures to explaining each step.

Other icons made with the same tecnique:

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Curved edges

I have a question on curved edges... How do I make them (I use PS CS2)? I have seen a few posts about that before, but I don't remember who made the tuts, and where I found them the first time.

Any help is appreciated!
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