September 12th, 2006



Hey, does anybody know how to get this sort of scratchy texture over the icon?

by loleiasbits

Is it a brush or is there some technique? I've been trying to figure it out in photoshop for a while. Sorry if this question has already been asked.
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Tweening help!

Hi all,

Whenever I go to tween an animation to fade to white, the optimized image always shows pink instead of the white! I'm on the highest possible settings to be under 40k, at 256 colours and no dither, but it still remains pink? I've only got 3 tweening frames too! Here's how my icon turned out -

I know it must be a setting I messed around with and forgot to change back, because I've made other icons like this and it doesn't do the pink thing. Any ideas?

Edit: Figured it out everyone! I just had to swap over to jpeg then back over to gif and it solved itself. Thanks anyway!
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First time tutorial, long time lurker. :D Made in PS7, most likely easy to translate into other programs.

Learn how to go from -THIS- lovely image of Shinku from Rozen Maiden...To this icon here in 10 steps!:


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And there you have it.
Feedback is welcomed!
I hoped I've helped someone. XD;

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i'm sorry for asking this again.
i've tried to look into the memories but i didn't any satisfying answer for my problem.

i usually use a lot of steps and programmes to make mini-movie icons.
i use VCD Cutter or Easy Video Splitter to capture frames, i use Ulead Gif Animator to adjust them and finally transfer them to IR or/and PS to beautify them.
so i read a tutorial in this community about capturing frames directly in IR, but when i tried, the screen came out like what is shown in the pictures below..
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

is it something wrong with my computer? or something wrong with the software?
how can i see only white screen not the movie?
FYI, the movie is in *avi and *mov format.
i'm using PS & IR 7


How to achieve this.

Hi, I just wanted to know how to achieve this type of colouring:

Thanks to snow1685 for the icon.

I asked the person who made it but they said "I can't remember exactly coz i just muck around with them till something works. But i'm pretty sure that one had a pink colour burn and a blue colour burn because i wanted to bring out the colours in the picture- eg her lips."

Does anyone have a tutorial/any more tips on how to make this. I use Photoshop 7.

Thanks in advance.

My First Icon Tutorial

Apologies to anyone who was bothered by my previous post, I forgot that I had f-locked the entry. I promise, this entry's not f-locked... :) It's my first icon tutorial...

Go from to

Find out how here

I hope it's easy to understand!