September 13th, 2006


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I got a problem with my PS (CS)can't seem to copy images from the web into a blank or any sort of canvas. Which is really annyoing because I really don't want to save every picture I use. Help ?

EDIT: FIXED ! Just had to restart

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Hello, I made this icon awhile ago using a tutorial. I never saved the tutorial in my memories and I really want to use it again. So I was wondering if anyone happened to know where I could find the tutorial for the icon below? I don't even remember who made it. Thanks! :)

Or if you can even point me in the direction of where to find a similiar tutorial using sparkly textures like that I'd really appreciate it!

Panorama Picture Making Link

I dont know where to look for this in the memories and im pretty sure i saw it here in the comments of an entry somewhere.

There was a link to a site where you could download a program that makes panorama pictures for you after youve selected the pictures you wanted to use. Does anyone have the link or something like it?