September 15th, 2006


Photoshop Problem

I'm having trouble saving icons in .gif format, and I cannot save the picture exactly as it appears. The Indexed Color window doesn't let me choose to save it in the "exact" option. (See screen shot image here.)

This problem occurred after I used this tutorial. It might have something to do with my problem.

I appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks in advance!
Aniela Green

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G'day again, I've made quite a lot of avis since my last question, but I'm a bit stuck now. Does anyone know how I can make it look like the light is glimmering in this pic?:

I have PSP9 and Animation shop. Thank you

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hi all!

i've seen lots of these icons in many ljs

(these are from GRAPHICILLUSION)
and unfortunately i lost the url of the tutorial :(

does anybody remember it? thank you all!

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I have PS7 and I'm been working with tutorials, but when I get to the curves I screw up. I can never get the second point. How do you do point 2&3? Also if anyone has any good fonts please post the names :D

Thanks in advice

help, anyone?

Hey all!!
I just need a minor help...

These are made by moderne.
I am very impressed with her colouring and brushes.
All I want to know is the effects of these icons, such as the colouring. Does it include selective colouring? If it does, then what are the colours? And if anyone knows, can you please direct me to the brushes she got for these icons? I tried to ask her about them a couple questions, but I received no response at all. Hence I am asking you all for your honest opinions. Thank you. Help is mostly appreciated. :)

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Hey everybody, I am having a problem in PS 7. All the images I open have a little 01 and an envelope type thing on the top left-hand corner. It's really dictracting and I can't see icons preperly. I clicked something a while back and I don't even know what it was, anybody know how to get rid of it?