September 16th, 2006


Brush Question

Hello everyone! I have a question I believe I have asked before, but the problem recently came to be again and the tips I got last time won't work. My brushes are totally messed up. All the ones I've added myself act as airbrushes and it really disturbs me. I've tried to reset the default brush tip to normal and then click the brush I want again, but that won't work. EDIT: By airbrush I mean that it spins around as I hold the mouse button and move it around and changes opacity.

Anyone have an idea?

EDIT: I use PSP8.
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(no subject)

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me achieve this (best viewed in IE, the banner goes all crazy in FF) colouring effect, you see for the Bambi & Lion King sections? I use PS7 =)

Thanking you in advance for any help <3
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Stupidest question EVER ASKED.

How in God's name do you get this border?! I swear, I'm not really this PS-challenged usually, but I have a feeling it has to do with masking, which is something i have NO IDEA how to do.

I don't know who made the icon, unfortunately.

Any & all help is appreciated.
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i hope this makes sense :(

once you have the picture/icon resized and cropped to your liking, make sure it is all one layer and then go to colors > adjust > gamma correction. the amount you'll use here will vary with the lighting of the picture, so you can play around with it if you like, but i usually shoot for anywhere in between 2.3 and 3.0+. then go to layers > duplicate, then screen it to somewhere around 30. again, this amount will vary with all of the pictures, as will burning, which comes in the next step. flatten the layers and then go to the layer pallette and hit "burn". you can fidget with this until you've got the icon the way you like it, and then finally, you can flatten the layers once again and hopefully you'll have the finished result that you're looking for

a friend of mine was trying to help me creat icons like (credit to painless at gj) and the only problem is she uses paint shop pro and i use adobe photoshop. i was wondering if anyone could help me translate her instructions above into photoshop? thanks!

Mini-movie icons...

Can anybody help me with making a mini-movie icon using ImageReady CS? I honestly have no idea where to start...

I'd like to make an icon of a scene from Panic! At The Disco's "But It's Better If You Do" and I'm about to check out the screencapping tutorials and see what I can get from there. But I'd still appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks! :)
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Photoshop Color Profiles

hi everyone, this is just a general question about a photoshop CS problem i'm having -.-

after i refomratted my computer, the colors on my photoshop seem to be really messed up :\. for instance, sometimes red looks brownish-orange, etc

as an example, this is the SAME screenshot. one is from photoshop, and the other one shows what it should look like.

the photoshop one:

the real one:

i understand that there are color profiles, but i have no idea which one will make the natural colors D: i've tried everything, so any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks : )
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(no subject)

Hi there, I have a question for all the lovely icon makers out there.

I have a picture (here) ... UNFORTUNATELY, the quality is quite bad. I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions towards improving it for icon use?

Much appreciated.

EDIT! Forgot to say that I'm using PS7.

Image Ready Help

Hi Everyone,

just a quick question.

I've made an image and used the "tween" option to hav ethe images sliding, but when i try to save it (save optimised as) the image ends up being pixely/fuzzy.

does anyone know how to fix this problem??

id really appreciate any help!

Thanks xo
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