September 18th, 2006

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Ok, I feel like a moron asking this, but I honestly can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I just switched from PSP to PSCS2, so I'm slowly figuring out the differences. I made some text icons, the text tools were all working fine.

But now I've made a 400x400 graphic. I've flattened all my layers, and I'm trying to add text. No matter how big I set the text size, it still shows up as being about two pixels high. My font size is set to 72 pt and my text is so tiny that I can't even read it. Am I missing something really obvious? Is there a bug in my program? Is there something different that I have to do to get my text bigger?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Note to self: read FAQ with eyes open. Thanks for the help everyone!

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I would really like to know how to achieve the coloring of the icon below. I know there might be a blue Exclusion layer in there somewhere... but other than that, I've got no other clue on how this was made. I really like how it flows all together and the "yellow-ness" is really pretty too. :D

Someone please help. :D
Icon:  and if anyone's interested... a similar base picture.
Thanks so much!
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I'm back with another question...Does anyone know how to achieve the colouring/s done in the icons below? I use Photoshop, by the way.

Sorry, I'm not exactly sure who made them, because I just found them off a random journal (again). Thanks to those who can help!
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Hey, I'm new here. Just started using Photoshop CS2. I've pretty much figured out the blending modes, ie, soft light, screen, etc. But I don't know how to work the curves bit. Can someone make a tutorial for me, please? Thanks so much!
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Okay. So I hope this allowed, but I have a question regarding Photoshop 7.

Two days ago, when I opened the application, it worked just fine. Then yesterday, when I opened it, it started to load, but then autoclosed after it was done loading. This happened a few times, and then I restarted the computer. The same thing kept repeating, and now it doesn't seem to want to open anymore.

For the record, I tried opening up ImageReady 7, and that works just fine. When I try to switch to Photoshop, it says "Unable to jump to Photoshop because it is not responding."

Has anyone had this problem before? And if you have, do you know how to fix it? My best friend said to uninstall, then re-install it, but I can't find the disc, so I'm pretty much screwed if that my only option.
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I am getting a REALLY EARLY headstart on making halloween icons. Does anyone have any creepy icon effects/textures they would like to share?
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