September 19th, 2006

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Hi! :) I hope that you can understand me, ´cause my english isn´t good! lol!

I´m doing animated icons with IR CS2 but the final result is grainy! :( What I have to do? I searched @ memories, but I cant find the answer!!

Tks a lot!
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i wasn't sure where to ask about this, but i figured this might be a good place to start!

i used photoshop CS2 and last week i noticed that i no longer have the option to save images as .PNG files. i haven't changed any of my settings that i'm aware of. does anyone here know how i can get my PNGs back?

see? it's no longer in my drop down list! :\ help??

it wont let me save for web now either?! WTF??
should i just uninstall and reinstall PS??
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Text Stroke In PSP9

Yes, I checked the memories, but I didn't find anything related to the specific problem I'm having.

Whenever I attempt to use the Text Stroke function in PSP, especially on smaller font sizes, the stroke tends to overwhelm the text, even when I have it set on 1 pixel.

Collapse )

The text is supposed to be black with a lilac outline, but you can barely see the black. I've tried it on different anti-alias settings, but that doesn't seem to help unless it's set to off, in which case the text looks all rough-edged.

If anyone can help me with this, I'd be very grateful. I know I could just create the text as a new image, select it and expand the selection, then paste it, but that's time-consuming and I'd prefer to be able to use the stroke if I can get it to work properly.
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Two questions:
I'd love to know how to get an effect like this: (I'm pretty sure the icon is by pppersonna)
Are there any tutorials that would get me to that; or somewhere close.

And also, whenever I download brushes I get a "This blahblah is not compatable with this version of Photoshop".

I'm using PS7.
Any ideas where to get some nice brushes/ how to get that effect?

Thanks in advance. [:

'Swirly' Brushes?

Does anyone know how to make those 'swirly' brushes? I've seen them being used on MANY icons and I've heard they have been made using Adobe Illustrator and have been edited in Photoshop! Here are a few samples of where those kinds of brushes have been used:

Made by Char

Made by Gaby

Thanks in advance!

Layer masks

I have a question about layer masks, and I'm not sure if I'm being very dim or if there's a problem with the brushes I'm trying to use.

I downloaded two different sets of box brushes, but when I added them to my icon, instead of showing the image within the box, the decorations on the outside of the box showed the image underneath.

One of the sets I downloaded was here.

I know how to use layer masks, that's not the problem. Is there some way to change the brush to show the part of the image that I want it to?

This is what I mean
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I want to see what's in the box, not what's outside of it.

I hope that makes sense! I use Photoshop CS.

Thanks in advance!

Changing the spacing of fonts in PSE 4.0

Hi. ^_^; In case the subject line didn't explain, I use Photoshop Elements 4.0, and I don't think there is, but I'd like confirmation; if I'm wrong, could anyone please explain how to do it? Is there an option to change the spacing between letters in text? I know how to change the line spacing, but not how to make the letters more spaced without using the space key... :\ With fonts like Tall Dark and Handsome, as demonstrated as my icon [plafulmispeling], they end up very condensed without changing the space in small sizes ^^;;; Um.. I hope that was enough. :] Thank you anyone who can help! ♥ x
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So I honestly have no idea if this has been posted but are there any tutorials on this amazing coloring:

<td></td> <td></td> <td></td>

Made by fadingxmondays

I use Adobe Photoshop CS, Thanks!
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I remember I was following a tutorial and got this coloring of this icon I was doing.

Can someone kindly tell me how to get to coloring or a tutorial close enough to the icon?
Thanks if you can

Dotted & Dashed Line Tutorial

Just because of my lastest Icon Tutorial was a totally fiasco, i want to say i'm sorry and write a new tutorial as my apologize :) Actually this is a Dashed & Dotted lines tutorial but you should have basic knowledge of Pen Tool to create the lines. So i wrote an introduction part for pen tool first. I hope you find the tutorial useful!

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I know this has been asked so many times, so I went back to try to look and looked on the memories and other tutorials, but even if I can find tutorials that tell you how to achieve this coloring, it is always for PS/selective color, and not PSP. And I really want to know how to do coloring like these icons:

And yes, I have tried asking a couple makers, but they've never responded. :(