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Hiya, I've recently come across this gorgeous Advent Children colouring.  I've had a look through the mems but I can't find anything like it.  Does anyone know how I can get this colouring? I'm using PS7 and I’m not sure who made it.  Thanks


Hey!I searched through the memories to see if someone posted a tutorial on this,but I haven't found any. (Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough) So I was wondering,does anyone know how to achieve this kind of look on icons?

And also this one?

They're by superciliary

Thanks for taking time to read this!

I use PSP8 by the way,in case you want to know.
Charlie Company

Amanda Tapping Tutorial

This is my first tutorial ever.  Be critical, but be kind! :)  I'm open to suggestions!

Go from to .

For PSP 9.  Also translatable to Photoshop7, too.  If you find something else it's translatable with, let me know.  Kind of image heavy...I have a picture for everything.

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Just a couple of days ago I got this coloring:

From to

I use photoshop CS and I forgot to save the .pdf file for it, and everytime I try, I just can't achieve the same coloring. I remember using a dark blue exlusion layer, a light brown layer on soft light, a hot pink layer on color (10 percent), and a light brown layer on soft light, because that's basically the only coloring I ever use. When I tried that again today I got this:

It's somewhat similar, but not as close to the original as I'd like it to be. Maybe I did something different without knowing it? If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it!

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A quick question. Some weeks ago I was browsing through this community and I came upon a tutorial regarding how to get something similar to the selective color effect, but for other programs than PS.
I was thrilled since I use PSP6 (...) and I really want to try that effect out.
I was not so very thrilled when my computer crashed and I couldn't find it again when I got it back from repairs.

Anyone feel like they may know which one I'm talking about?
I'm 99.9% sure I found the tutorial in this community, anyway...
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Tutorial: Sean Biggerstaff in "Cashback"

Step right up, one and all. Today I'm using PSP9 for today's tutorial.
We're going from  to  two different ways. 
The first tutorial uses a Curve layer to lighten and brighten the base image. The second tutorial shows you how to lighten and brighten the base image by duplicating the base layer a few times and setting each to a different blend mode.

Try this tutorial using Curves.

Try this tutorial without Curves.

With Curves >  =  < Without Curves

DS - Kiss

Video tutorial

This is a 15 minute tour of making an animated icon. Narrated by me, it's a hopefully easy-to-follow guide using Adobe Image Ready CS2*. Er, this possibly isn't for you if you are an absolute beginner.

The file size is 85MB.

Click to see the icon I'll be making Please be aware that the icon in this tutorial contains a small spoiler for Stargate: Atlantis 3x09

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment here. It all seems pretty straightforward to me, but I'm sure there's *something* I have forgotten/haven't said clearly.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

Download here.

*As far as I'm aware, the main difference between CS2 and earlier versions of the programme, is simply that in this you can select/drag more than one layer at a time. If you have any other problems, let me know.
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Tutorial #3 :: Glam

It's been a while since I've made a tutorial, but do to the great response to my others heres another one haha. This was made using psp7, but it can be done in any program. It's pretty simplistic (so it should be easy to follow for anyone!) but it's a nice effect I like to use sometimes in icons.

this to this or this

(Follow the fake cut)

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