September 24th, 2006


Saving help

I need help with saving an image.
Whenever I save it normally it always turns out too blurry but when I sharpen it it just looks stupid.
I see all the other icon makers with good quality icons but I never know what to do.
Also,should I save as a png or jpg and why?

Thanks so much!
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Two Colouring Tutorials!

Someone requested a tutorial for this sort of colouring. I couldn't exactly remember the exact steps, so I made a new “immitation” of the colouring. This tutorial, might not work with every pic, but play around with the settings or opacity and it will. Also, caps, and stills may not work out to be the best, but other pics would most likely work. This tutorial contains Selective Colouring, sorry PSP users, but Tutorial 2 doesn't. We will be going from this to this

I was playing around in Photoshop, and I came upon a new trick. So I decided to share. PSP users can do this tutorial. You will get a nice blue effect in only 6 steps! And it looks like Selective Colouring a little. We will be going from this to this.

I'd love to see your results.

The tutorials can be found here.
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Font effect?

Hey, I use PS CS2 and I'd like to know the settings to get this font/text effect.

For example:
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
#1 by inyourpants_; #2 & #3 by nightcomes

I know that there are "Layer Styles" for texts like "Drop Shadow" or "Beavel and Emboss", but I never get such a result like those icons.
If somebody can help me, that'd be awesome. :)

PSP Trouble...Ugh.

Hello all,

I am having trouble with PSP9. I can get the application to load and open, but when I click on "Open" while trying to get an image to work with, the whole thing disappears like I clicked the 'x' to close it. I've rebooted and such, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Basic Coloring Tutorial...

I just thought I'd write a basic coloring tutorial without any levels, curves or other adjustment layers. A great & helpful tutorials for newbies as well. Anyhow, this was tested in PS CS and PSP 7 and I'm sure its transferrable to every other graphic program. Here it is;

Go from to
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Hello everyone. I have a question! Where do most of the icon makers that make these tutorials get their photography. I use flickr and dpchallenge, but they dont look as nice as some of the others. I am just looking for some good sites. Thanks guys

Coloring help.

Hey guys. =D I'm making a batch of BtVS icons, and capped this one picture that I thought would be really easy to make into an icon - and turns out, well, it's not. xD Here's the base:

The coloring looks easy to bring out, but as you'll notice if you make a couple of screen and soft light layers, it's a very bland picture.

Any tips/tutorials on how to bring the coloring out?

I use Photoshop Elements 3.0 at the moment, but I've used CS and 7 in the past, so I know how things work. :p

Thank you so much in advance. =D
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Hey Ive been trying to figure out how marina a friend of a friend of mine made these two arts art 1 art 2. I mostly intrested in how she made those boxes and where she gets here stocks for the second art... I want to use it for some icons and headers....
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PS Open As Layer Help

Gah, trying to move from GIMP to PS and having trouble with one really basic thing.

How do you open an image as a layer?

For the life of me, I can't figure it out and it's driving me BONKERS! It's a very very very basic thing.

Edit: Sorry, what I meant was how do you open an image as a second or third or fourth layer in a piece of work? I already have the background, I want to add more layers to that (obviously cropped and/or opacity changed)

(I'm sorry if this was in the archives somewhere but I've been looking and didn't find anything)
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Tutorial #4 :: Elijah Wood

First off, this tutorial is a bit more complex then my others in the sense that there are a few steps but don't worry ... it's all pretty easy stuff! This tutorial was made in psp7, can be done in any other program as well.

this to this or this

(Follow the fake cut of love!)

Enjoy! Feed back is appreciated :)
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