September 25th, 2006

kaizers orchestra: janove sunset

Richard Kruspe tutorial

OK, this time we'll be again working with my veeeeery favorite topic, Richard Kruspe. Mmmm, I can't get enough. But anyway.

We'll be working to give a dark, grungy feel, going from
this to this Image Hosted by

Made with PSP8. Is translatable.

( This way... )
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Stuck Again..

.. I need help.. again.. yeesh. Alright, so I've got my icon in ImageReady, and it's done, and I'm about ready to save it as a GIF.. but.. THERE IS NO GIF OPTION! Is there a way to reverse this?! Please help me.. again.. you guys were very helpful last time, btw. Thank you! <3

edit: solveddd. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. <3 this is definately one of the most helpful communities ever! <3


I would have asked the maker, but I got it from someone's userpics who didn't know who'd made it ergo, I ask your help. How can I get the coloring for this icon?


(no subject)

ok i've made some animations but i didn't realize that .gifs had to be under 100x100. so i resized them so they're smaller, but they still won't upload. how small do i have to resize them?

this isn't small enough?
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ps cs question

okay i've looked but can't seem to find thi (though i'm sure its probably somewhere. i just suck at finding things)
i've been using ps cs for about half a month now (yay trial version! heh) anyway i save all of my work as .png's. in my opinion they look better then .jpg's. thats just me. so i've started noticing that everything i save in ps cs looks different when i open it in psp or when i upload it to the net. like its either darker or lighter. that because i'm using .png's? when it gives the interlace option i always chose none. is that right? heh. or is it something else? help?