September 26th, 2006


Hi All,

Usually I create text myself on an icon, with a nice font. But I'm running out of fonts to use. All the ones that I have now have been used over and over again. I was wondering if you might now some good fonts that can also be a small size but not have it's quality lost and that you can actually still read what you typed (unless the point is you don't need to but that's another story).

Names of fonts and such. Links are helpful but not it's not a must. I'll look up where to get them myself if I just have names.

Thanks a bunch everyone.

Love, Chantal


When I desaturated the second base that I duplicated, it turned to black and white. I'm using PS CS2 by the way. I'm trying to make my base look like from and it looked like this

can someone please help me?

My first tutorial!

Go from:
In Photoshop 7

Okay so this is my first tutorial, so hopefully you all like it and its easy to follow. Also, ALL textures are from the members on texturize so venture through there, but if you see i used one of your textures and would like your credit up here please let me know and ill be happy to add you. Now on with the tut!

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Hey everyone. (Again. xD) This time I'm looking for a good header tutorial. This is a header from char_cohen's LJ (gorgeously made [is jealous]):

And anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew any tutorials that were similar. I checked the mems but couldn't seem to find anything. I've made blends and stuff before, I made my current LJ header, but I really like the style of that header, and I'd like to create something similar. (I attempted to make one just by looking at the header, and it was sort of a mess. xD)
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Red removal help

Ok, the first question I've ever really needed to ask. And I've checked the archived posts and the only tut that helped was for PS...

Does anyone know a way to help remove some of the red from this base?
Image Hosted by

I can lighten it just fine, but I'd like to get rid of some of the redness, too. I use PSP8.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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