September 27th, 2006

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Photoshop CS2 : Bright Colors & Gradients

Like that selective colored look, but either don't have the patience to deal with it or don't have a program with the tool? I just made a tutorial that looks like it could have been done with selective coloring or curves or any of that, but really all it used was gradients.


Made using PhotoshopCS2, but is definitely translatable to other programs. The actual finished products is this 500x200px banner, but I cropped it down to a more ideal size for linking.
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I checked the memories but didn't see anything about this. I use Photoshop CS and recently I've been having a problem with the Save for Web feature. It makes my icons much lighter when I use it. If I just use Save As, it stays the same color but it's kind of a hassle. Is there any way I can keep it from lightening my icons? If there isn't, it won't be the end of the world... but obviously I'd like it if there was.

Wow, I think that sounds confusing. Sorry.
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Fading edges....?

Ok, im not going to lie and say i checked the memories, cause i didnt. Mainly cause im really not sure what section it wuld be under. If anyone has any idea where id look for this tell me and im happy to look. I did goodle it, but couldnt come up with what i was looking for. Ok, so i have this header that i'm making and its a textured background with some photos on it and then various other things added. Well, i really love how its coming out so far, but theres one thing i can't figure out. I want to make the edges of each photo blur outwards, like so that it looks like the photo is fading out on the edges. I thought maybe to feather the edges, but i couldnt figure out how to make it work without using the blur tool and just doing it by hand, and that didnt turn out very well. Any ideas? Or even just point me in the right direction of where to look? Thanks guys. No rush. :) If you need to see the header to understand i can post it. I'm using Photoshop CS2.

Edit: I found This tutorial and used that but with rectangular marquee tool and before i did it i duplicated the photo layer and did a gaussian blur on the bottom layer. then i used the tutorial on the top layer. worked pretty well. if anyone has any other suggestions id still love to hear them though. thanks!
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Does anyone know where I can find a just a basic tutorial on how to use Adobe ImageReady? The ones in the memories are fairly old. Picture representation would be ridiculously helpful, heh.