September 29th, 2006

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Stupid question - brushes?

Such a stupid question...

Using: PSPX

I referred to this thread from the memories for my random rotating brushes problem. Resetting brush variance works, but it doesn't stick! I have to go reset my Brush Variance settings every time I use the random-rotating brushes.

Any ideas?

PS - Also, how do you get textures to go BEHIND your subject but still show up in the parts that your subject is not?
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I need a little help, I've looked through the memories and I know I've seen this asked before but I can't find it, I want to know how I can get the smooth outlining like in this picture. Thanks for any help =)

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Hello, I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and I was wondering:

Is there an easier or faster way to apply the same colouring to batches of icons without going through all of the steps every time?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!!

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First tutorial >< Yay!

Go from this: Base to this: Finished Icon

Uses Curves and Color Balance! (Photoshop 7.0. I think it can be done in other programs, too, though.) It should work for most images, as far as I can tell from my uses :)

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Header Tutorial
Go from This to Free Image Hosting at
(click thumbnail for real size)
Made in PS 7.0
Not very translatable (Selective Coloring)
BUt the Selective colouring is a minor part, so if you skip that step it could be translated to any program.

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Adobe Imageready help...

hey here..umm..i have a problamo..ok..soo i've made a sort of 'fady between pics icon' but when i save it as a gif/look at it by the whole optimize thingy..the whole thing has all these tiny, tiny dots on it and it looks really bad..i was using screen caps to make the icon so maybe thats why it does that..u know, the quality of the caps ect..if thats the reason can u tell me if there's a way i can fix it.?.?.?.thanku..
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okay so i've calibrated my monitor and did the whole color thing in photoshop but i'm still having the same problem which is that ps cs is showing things way darker then they save and upload to the internet such as in the sample below. does anyone know another way to fix this? i stopped saving things as png's and now save them as jpg's but that doesn't seem to be helping much.
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I would highly appreciate any tips on how to achieve such lovely contrast and clarity of details as in this icon by thesamegirl17

There's definitely something more complex than simply sharpen tool and brightness/contrast here. I asked the maker, but she couldn't help, and I fail to figure it out on my own :(  

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: I use PS 7 and am familiar with later versions of PS as well.