October 1st, 2006

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How to: Text and another question

Am I missing something in the memories? Because I can't find a tutorial on HOW to put text on. Like, I get the text box but when I try to type- nothing happens. Any suggestions?


yeah...one more. even reading almost all the layer tutorials- i just can't wrap my brain around layers and coloring by layers. suggestions on where i can get a beginner friendly layer tutorial on how to use them and do it?


Thank you guys so much! This place is always so helpful. :] I'm on Photoshop CS2
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(no subject)

I have a question about Photoshop (I have PS9) when I go to put text on an icon it's super small, and I checked the font size and that's not the problem because it was size 14, does anyone know why this happens?

A Friendly Reminder

Over the last 12 hours or so, many tutorials have been posted where the author of the post failed to indicate what software is used. I've commented on each message and folks have been good about editing their posts to add that information. But since these omissions have been happening at an unusually high frequency today, it seems time for a reminder.

If you write a tutorial, please indicate in your post what software is used in your tutorial. This applies to any kind of tutorial post, whether the body of the tutorial is included here or the tutorial is elsewhere and linked to here. If your tutorial is posted here in its entirety, please include the software information before the cut. This will aid people in determining whether or not they want to follow up on your tutorial.

And since it never hurts to reiterate, please indicate what software you use when you ask a question as well. This helps commenters tailor their answers.
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I have checked the faq and archive before but I couldn't find this so.. I am asking here ^^;

icon made by bloomzy

How do you do those glowing orbs? Is it a texture or..? I have been wondering for quite some time, I hope anyone can help me with this ^^

thanks in advance!! :D
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Why is it when I select my text bar- where I want my text, and I get the box for the text, nothing shows up when I type? It really frustrates me.

I'm on Photoshop CS2.

See the box? When I click there should be a blinking typing bar but there's nothing. :/



A few..months ago, I made these icons:

Does anyone know where I could find the tuts for them? I remember the first tut (for the Hilary one) used Nicole Ritchie, and the other one used Rachel McAdams, if that helps.
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coloration on eyes

okay, here goes:

i use photoshop cs, and i'm working with a black and white picture: the only part i want to change is the eyes, and i was wondering the best way to go about it? i know the basic colors i want to work with (a variety of browns that will eventually look vivid), but i don't really know the best way to make it look natural.

kind of like this: .

thanks in advance.
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