October 2nd, 2006

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Maybe I'm just stupid tonight, maybe it was the power outage 15 minutes ago.

But I can't find how to do dotted lines for CS2 anywhere. I found for Photoshop 7, but that doesn't help me much....so yeah. Help, please? Thank you so much (my Design teacher will thank you, as well).


Somebody suggested I post a link to the PS 7 tutorial, so here ya go
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i know this isn;t a icon tutorial question but I need help. i can't seem to find the spacing in my brush options. Im using PS CS. can someone help me please?

it looks like
banana box flashy thing

First tutorial!

Go easy on me, it's my first attempt at writing one of these. :-D

Go from this: to this: in PS CS2 (but it should carry over to other programs)

(image heavy)

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I hope you all enjoy, and I'd love to see what you come up with if you decide to use it!
red tree

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Right, I have a picture here [under the cut]

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and you see how some of her hair is cut off at the top? Does anyone know how to restore that broken part, either artificially or properly?
I'd prefer a quick answer, but if not - thanks in advance! ^__^
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I'm really sorry if this has recently been dealt with, or if there is a tutorial for this in the memories already, but I've searched for a while now and I cannot seem to find anything that will help me. I'm going out of my mind!

I want to make an icon that looks like this  I use Photoshop 7 and ImageReady 7. I really want to find a tutorial that will tell me how to do this, but any help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. :)
Maia Frames

file types

A general question, that has caused problems with my icons lately-
I used to use .jpg files, set to 300 or 72 pix/inch, to save my icons for uploading.
Lately, in making banners for one of my icontest communities I noticed several people using .png files instead. So I tried it, .png 300 & 72 pix/inch, and it greatly improved the display quality of my icons. Now, is it just me noticing .jpg problems, or is it that way for everybody? What about putting graphics/icons on sites that want only .jpg? Is there any way to improve the saved quality of .jpgs?
I use PSP8 if that makes any difference.
KStew - omg!

Coloring Tutorial - What to do with really funky skin tones

So we all HATE when it gets to where you're working with an image, making adjustments, and the picture gets weird. Skin tones can get messed up really easily (especially when certain people don't tan evenly!) and it can be hard to deal with. When you're like me and have no clue about selective coloring, you have to find ways around it. So!

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