October 3rd, 2006

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Potentially dumb question...

What constitues an icon base? Is it an untouched picture? Or could it be something with tweaks, etc. color wise? Would this count as a base?

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I'm trying to do something for my graphics community, inama_nushif. I see things about bases a lot of places, but I've not seen/heard a definition of what they actually are.
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Question: Why won't it align?

I love the style of this [shown above] kind of icon by whatsaspork and would love the be able to create my own version but i can't get my text to align.

I realise that this is the tool that i need to use but whenever i type and highlight some text it would allow me to click the button - what am i doing wrong?

I'm using PS.

Help please?

Hey guys imma make this short... does anybody know how to fix the yellow-ness on this picture? i dont like how yellow it is. thanks!
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I use Photoshop CS2. if its to hard to explain you can always do it for me ;) haha.

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i have photoshop CS2 and i love it however i've heard good things about something called PSP. i wondering if anyone had both programs so they could tell me which they prefer. i want to know if it's worth investing in PSP. thanks in advance. :)
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Animated Icon Help Needed!!!

Recently when I save animated icons in Animation Shop 3. They get fuzzing and look bad. Nothing like the original. I'm pretty sure it has to do with Optimizating. Which how can I get the icon to not optimizate?? I spent over an hour on making the icon and when I saved it. It ruined the work I put into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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Does anyone know how to achieve this amazing colours in this picture ? And I don't really know how to explain but the picture 'is smoothed' ... sorry for my bad English ...

I know it's a banner but perhaps somebody can help me :s I use PS CS
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Media Player Classic

This is a screencapping question!

I have a problem with my Media Player Classic. Everytime I try to "save" an image it gives me an error, and it doesn't save the picture.

Can someone suggest another way to screencap DVDs? I can't do it on WMP for some reason, because I can't play the file there.... @___@

Vdub.. it says the file cannot be found. Imagegrab says that the file ext. of the movie can not be played @___@'

I want to make an icon of a scene really badly D:

Some help pleasee??

Question about PSP

I'm just start with PSP...trying to figure what's going on there...

The problem is: When I saved an image in my document, it automatically formed a BRWSE.JBF???...I didn't do anything except presses Ctrl+F12(save as)...I didn't know how it(that XXX.JBF) formed or why it formed in my document...I have no clue about what's going on there...Is there anyone who could explain it to me? Thanks in advance!
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