October 4th, 2006

OTH -- Brooke and Peyton BFF


I went out to meet my favourite Broncos today, and unfortunately this one picture of Karmichael Hunt (my favourite player) has turned out blurry. 

I use Photoshop CS2

Any help is appreciated!

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Le Questions...

Hi! I only just joined, but this looks like a rad community.

Anyways, I have a question regarding icons made from cartoons or animated movies, like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc (like I really needed to explain animated movies to you...). I have a couple screencaps of animated movies, and I wanted to give them a sort of vintage feel, but keep the color saturation up, not keep some contrast in shades, so I was wondering if anyone knew of some good tutorials for that type of effect, specifically for cartoon icons, preferably...

Or, on that note, does anyone know of some good tutorials for cartoon icons or icons made from animated movies or television shows?

Especially tutorials with color layers that create a cool effect, or a chic look, or a clean look, antique feel, etc...

I'd really appreciate it.

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(no subject)

i know there are tutorials using selective color and levels. but could someone just basically explain to me how exactly they work?


PS i looked through the memories, but i couldn't find what i was looking for. maybe i was just looking in the wrong place, but... couldn't find it.

(no subject)

Hi, I was wondering if maybe you could help me with my problem. I have been searching all around for a tutorial on how to make a camera flash effect in an animated icon but haven't found any. Could someone tell me how to do that or point me to where I can find a tut on it? I use PS CS2 and AS3. Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT: Found it!