October 6th, 2006


I was trying to get some screencaps, using the PrintScreen button. It used to work for me before, it'd get the frame and I'd paste it into paint, to get the part of the pic I wanted. But now, everytime I paste it into PAint, it doesn't just capture one frame, the video is playing in Paint, everytime I paste. It's so weird. I play the videos with DivX, btw.

Thanks in advance, ask if you have any questions..

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Frame to Frame capping in PowerDVD?

I search through the memories but I couldn't find anything for PowerDVD.
Is it possible to screencapture frame by frame in PowerDVD? I've been willing to make a mini-movie icon out of a scene from a DVD. If I can't can you also give me some other suggestion for another program?

Can anyone kindly help me?
Thank you if you can
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Grunge Tutorial

Hello! this is my first Tut, i'm not a big texture maker, actually this is like the first texture ive EVER made but i really like it so i though i'd share it for you all. I made this using PSP9 and I'm guessing that it would be translatable.

Make something like this:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us pretty, eh? 

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Hi. I'm looking for a tutorial (for PSP7, preferably) which will give me bright, luminous colouring similar to the icon I'm using right now. Are there any such tutorials out there?

Brushes, creating, sharing

I looked through the memories for an answer to my question, but didn't seem to find exactly what I was looking for. I hope you guys can help me. I use PSP and I want to learn how to make brushes to share with others. The tutorials in the memories are mostly for PS or aren't directly related to my question. I know how to install brushes into PSP and all that, now I just want to know how to make a custom brush and then in turn share them with others. For example, how do you create an image pack or the file with all the brushes in them? I think I can figure out how to load them into a zipfile and all that, it's just the other stuff I'm confused on. I apologize if this is an obvious question or if I missed the answer in the memories. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)
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How can I make a canvas?

When no images are up and open, the option is unavailable. But when I open my two images, the canvas is available but it resizes the selected picture and does'nt make a white base for my canvas/wallpaper... [I'm on PS-CS2] What am I doing wrong here?
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(no subject)

Does anybody know if there is a way to achieve this colouring? It's the original colouring of the picture, nothing was added to it. But is it possible to do that to any other picture? Thanks. I have both PSP8 and PS7.
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okay, so i just i got PS CS, and im wondering how do i get rid of those awful black borders around my icons? 
okay and this is going to sound reall really stupid, but how do i paste a new image.

Filling Layers

I'm new at making icons and was wondering about something simple. When tutorials say "Make a new layer and fill it with #DAC8CA" (like this one), how exactly do you fill the layers? Thank you.

* I use photoshop 7.0
* For some reason after taking helpful advice from the comments, PS wouldn't let me put in the color number. Click to see larger

PS Elements 3.0 installing ps features

Hi,i'm new to livejournal ^^;;. I was wondering if anyone here could help me ):. I use paint shop pro 7 and photoshop elements 3.0. I don't know how to install these features i downloaded selective color,channel mixer, curves, and layer mask. They're all atn. extensions. I downloaded them from this site : http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2005/02/23/PSelement3.html. Now i believe the site gives instructions on how to install them[i've read it]. However, i found it really confusing. I also tried that method and nothing happened. What am i doing wrong? Would anyone know an easier way to install these features? I own a compaq computer it has windows and it's a pc. If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated.
_Thank you_ :]