October 8th, 2006


dotted border around icon?

hello! i really hope you guys could help. i searched through the "borders" tags and i couldnt find any tuts on this one. i'm a noob to this.
i'm really curious to know how to make a dotted border [as shown below] in an icon!
is there a tutorial for this? or is this a brush feature i could use on adobe psp which i can download?

[credit to appletooth]

thanks in advance!♥
  • tasha

Brushes not going away

I looked in memories and didn't see this.

I use psp9

Anytime I delete a brush, it stays in the programs 'memory' and has a big black dot where the brush used to be. No matter how many times I restart my program, it never goes away. It's not in the brushes file, it just shows up on my drop-down. Does anyone know what I can do to make it go away??

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hey guys does anybody no how to fix the color on this picture? I tried adding a green colorburn layer but it was too green. Its way too purple and i wanna make a banner with it in its real colors. I use PS CS2. thanks!:
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Animation compression

hi everyone, i'm a noob around here so please forgive me.

i have an animation problem. this is my current animation below, and it's currently over the lj size limit of 40KB (68.97 KB)

i was wondering if anybody knew of a program that would compress the file size?

the programs i used were adobe photoshop CS and imageready CS

cheers in advance =)  
  • tasha

Installed Brushes Not Showing up


I apologize for being such a nuisance today. I promise this is my last question.

I have extracted files that were already in psp format to my computer under the brushes file. Two folders that I did that with showed up fine. However, the other 12 folders are not coming up.

The other files, have no brush-tips. I don't know how to create a brushtip for one. I am completely lost and probably over thinking all of this... here's an image to see what I'm talking about: (I have installed brushes many times, I don't know why I'm having so much difficulty today.

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Batch screencapping for Mac?

I searched the memories, but couldn't find what I'm looking for. If I'm repeating a previously asked question, I'd love it if someone pointed me in the right directions to an appropriate archive post.

I'm looking for a program for Mac (OSX) that captures bursts of video to be used for icon animation. I've been just using grab and capturing one frame at a time. But a friend of mine has a program for Windoze that captures a set length of time at the click of a button (don't know what it's called though)

Is there something out there that's equivilent for Mac?

Thanks TONS!

help w/rounded borders.

Hi. I've been making rounded border icons for about a month now. Things were going well, until I decided to make rounded icons today. When I started, I used the rounded rectangle tool. I would hold down shift to get a rounded border..now I don't get a nice rounded border, i get something far different. 

This is what I used to get. 

 This is what I get now. 

How do I achieve the same old round borders I used to get? I'm really stumped. 

any help would be great! thanks.